Select Papyri, 1.59


Greek text:   PHamb 1.70
Date: Middle of 2nd cent. A.D.

Titus Flavius Capito to Titus Flavius Sarapion, co-guardian of . . . Longinus Valens, minor, made heir by will of Flavia Ptolema, who died in the month . . . of the 8th year of Antoninus Caesar the lord and was the grandmother of the aforesaid minor, greeting. Whereas Flavia Ptolema by the will under your trust bequeathed to me three arourai of a katoikic holding, of which after her death I am enjoying the use and appropriating the income, while paying all the public dues on them in the name of Flavia Ptolema, I acknowledge that, if any inquiry is made about the income or about any other point when we render our account to the minor, I will myself see the proceedings through at my own expense and if a trial is held will carry out the judgement concerning this matter. This bond is in my own hand, written in duplicate, without erasure or insertion, and it shall be valid wherever produced and whosoever produces it, as if registered in a public record-office. And if any necessity arises, I will make a declaration to the same effect to be embodied in an official deed without delay.

{Endorsed}   Bond which I wrote a for Sarapion about the 3 arourai from the estate of Ptolema forming the bequest.

papyrus 60

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