Select Papyri, 1.28


Greek text:   PAmh 51
Date:   88 B.C.

(Summary) The 26th year, Mesore 28. Peteesis son of Pates has sold to Pelaeas son of Eunous the house belonging to him in the eastern part of Pathyris, built and raftered and furnished with doors, the boundaries of which are given in the deed of sale.

(Text of deed) In the 26th year of the reign of Ptolemy surnamed Alexander and of Cleopatra the sister, gods Philometores Soteres, the priests and priestesses and the kanephoros being those now in office, the 28th of the month Mesore, at Pathyris, before Hermias, agoranomos of the upper toparchy of the Pathyrite nome. Peteesis son of Pates, Persian, aged about 40 years, of medium height, fair-skinned, smooth-haired, long-faced, straight-nosed, with a scar under the left eyebrow, has sold the house belonging to him, built and raftered and furnished with doors, at the so-called fountain in the eastern part of Pathyris, of which the boundaries are, on the south the house of Pelaeas the purchaser, on the north the house of Taenoutis daughter of Psenpoeris, of which Totoes son of Panechates has possession, on the east and west a royal street, or whatever the boundaries may be all round. Pelaeas son of Eunous has bought it for 1 talent of copper. Negotiator and guarantor of all the terms of this deed of sale: Peteesis the vendor, who has been accepted by Pelaeas the purchaser

{Subscribed}   Registered by me, Hermias.

papyrus 29

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