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Greek text:   PCorn 9
Date:   A.D. 206.

To Isidora, castanet dancer, from Artemisia, of the village of Philadelphia. I wish to engage you with two other castanet dancers to perform at my house for six days from the 24th of the month Pauni according to the old reckoning, receiving between you for wages 26 drachmas for each day and for the whole six days 4 artabas of barley and 20 pairs of loaves, and whatever garments or gold ornaments you bring down we will safely guard, and we will provide two donkeys for you when you come down and the same when you return. The 14th year of Lucius Septimius Severus Pius Pertinax and Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Pius, Augusti, and Publius Septimius Geta Caesar Augustus, Pauni 16.

papyrus 21

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