Select Papyri, 1.183


Greek text:   PCairZen 59736
Date:   About 250 B.C.

The number of shoots which Andronicus has sent in the 12 days from Hathur 30 to Choiach 11 by our donkeys: the first lot, 8 donkeys with 8 bundles each, making 64 bundles, in each bundle 50 shoots, total 8200.

18th, Inaros by 9 donkeys with 8 bundles each, making 72 bundles, in each bundle 50 shoots, total 3600.

21st, by our donkeys . . . and 36 other bundles of 50 shoots which they brought from Mouchis, total 1800. When Dionysodorus arrived and wished to take cuttings, Pasis son of Paies prevented him from doing so, saying that he had given Andronicus 4 drachmas not to cut from the vineyard and likewise 4 drachmas not to take cuttings of the roses; and this promise of eight drachmas he gave him because he saw that the man was damaging the vines and was unskilled in the art of cutting. And from Mouchis from the retailer Horus . . And one of them throwing down on the road the shoots off the donkeys hired to carry them gave his wife a mount. And the monthly-paid cultivators he sent to the village of Dicaeus, and they arrived on the second day. The same persons likewise conveyed his wife to Philadelphia, and he himself left the work and went off.

And the shoots which Dionysodorus brought from the 11th to the 16th of Choiach, being 6 days:
11th, 5 mules, each with 10 bundles of 50 shoots, total 2500;
16th, 5 mules, each with 16 bundles, each bundle containing 50 shoots, total 3000 . . .

And there are at Pseonnophris 40 bundles and at Crocodilopolis 12 bundles, making 52, each containing 50 shoots, total 2600. Total of all the shoots 12,400.

{Endorsed}   Account of the shoots sent through Andronicus.

papyrus 184

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