Select Papyri, 1.167


Greek text:   POxy 1165
Date:   6th cent. A.D.

From . . .. Your illustrious brotherly erudition ought to have assisted my insignificance and not allowed me to be so upset, and ought not only to refrain from injuring me and my insignificant possessions, but to prevent others who wish to do so. This I have said because my cultivators at Amoules have been subjected to such annoyance on account of ten apples worth a score of denarii. If we proceed to litigation and your brotherly wisdom says that this was done by the guard, why, you control the guard and you ought to assist rather than attack me and leave the whole matter to my insignificance. God knows, I too could have injured an estate near Murmux belonging to the mistress of that guard, as I did on another occasion in the time of the honourable comes Paul, when once before I was injured by the people of Teruthis. Let me tell you what you ought to do whether they were at fault or not, grant my request to have them released, lest I have recourse to that step or to others that might cause us mutual pain. I write this with due reverence.

{Addressed}   To my master, the most illustrious, most wise, worthy of all reverence, my dearest brother, the most illustrious advocate, from Victor, by the grace of God advocate.

papyrus 168

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