Select Papyri, 1.160


Greek text:   PLond 1915
Date:   A.D. 330-340.

To. . brother Paieous from Herieous, greeting in the Lord. The word of God exhorts us to succour all those who have met with misfortune, and especially our brethren. Since therefore our brother Pamonthias has met with no ordinary reverses and has suffered most shameful treatment from pitiless and godless men, so that, one might say, he has perforce been bereft of our blessed hope, it behoved us to make application to your brotherliness by this present letter, exposing all his circumstances, in order that you being informed may help him, remembering the blessed apostle who tells us not to neglect those who are weak, not only in the faith bat also in the affairs of this world. For this brother of ours was once a wine-dealer, and having for long been importuned by the magistrates in his native place with exactions beyond his means he consequently borrowed a great sum of money and being summoned to repay it and failing to meet his liabilities he was compelled by his creditors to sell all his possessions down to the very garments that cloaked his shame; and even when these were sold, barely half the money could he scrape together for his creditors, who, those pitiless and godless men, carried off all his children, mere infants as they were. Wherefore we direct to you this letter, requesting you to help him as far as your means allow, in order that he may recover the children from them. P.S. . . . sons of our Heavenly Father. P.P.S. . . . by all means help him, since . . . our brother, because they carried off his children into slavery. Therefore do not neglect . . . by all means.

{Addressed}   Deliver to Paieous, presbyter, from his brother Herieous.

papyrus 161

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