Select Papyri, 1.158


Greek text:   PSI 299
Date: End of 3rd cent. A.D.

To my lady sister from Titianus, prosperity. Having chanced on someone going up to you I have been moved to write and tell you of my plight, how I was afflicted with illness for a long time so that I could not even stir. When the illness abated, my eye began to suppurate and I had granulations and suffered greatly, and other parts of my body were also affected, so that I nearly had to submit to surgery; but thanks be to God! My father, on whose account I have stayed on till now in spite of illness, is also ill ; and it is for his sake that I am still here. Be patient then, sister, until God brings me safely to you. And for this end I unceasingly pray to God until he brings me safely back to you. Everyone in the house was ill, my mother and all the children, so that we had no one to serve us, but besought God for everything unceasingly. For myself, I am seeking to rejoin you as soon as I can find a boat. My lord and father and my mother salute you. Everyone in the house salutes you. I salute my lord and brother and . . . and Cyrilla . . . A letter was sent to me from the praefect ; if it was brought to you, that will serve; if not, . . . or let him ask our friend Morus the letter-carrier and receive . . .

papyrus 159

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