Select Papyri, 1.136


Greek text:   POxy 835
Date:   3rd cent. A.D.

Serenus to Diogenes his brother greeting. With the help of the gods our sister has taken a turn for the better, and our brother Harpocration is safe and well; for the gods of our fathers help us at all times, giving us health and safety. I had been intending to come up myself on the [.]th, as Sarapion's people said that he was ill, wherefore I am writing to you to write me news of him from time to time by anyone you can send. The transport of the sheaves will be seen to immediately by my father; he has already carried in those in the l[.] arourai. Many salutations to my sweetest brother Harpocration and to Theanous and Theon and Diogenes and Heliodorus. Many salutations to all of you from Hieraciaena and her daughter Tsenesis. I pray for the health of you and all the household.

papyrus 137

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