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Greek text:   POxy 528
Date:   2nd cent. A.D.

Serenus to Isidora, his sister and lady, very many greetings. Before all else I pray for your health, and every day and evening I make supplication on your behalf before Thoeris who loves you. I would have you know that ever since you left me I have been in mourning, weeping by night and lamenting by day. Since I bathed with you on Phaophi 12 I have not bathed nor anointed myself until Hathur 12. You have sent me letters that could move a stone, so much have your words stirred me. On the very instant I wrote an answer to you and delivered it on the 12th sealed up along with your letters. Apart from what you say and write, "But Colobus has made me a prostitute," he said to me, "Your wife sent me word saying 'He himself sold the chain and he himself put me in the boat.' " Do you say these things in order that I may no longer be trusted as to what I put on board? See how many times I have sent for you! Whether you are coming or not, let me know.

{Addressed}   Deliver to Isidora from Serenus.

papyrus 126

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