Select Papyri, 1.107A


  Greek text:   BGU 530
Date:   1st cent. A.D. 

Translated by G.Mulligan, "Selections from the Greek papyri", page 60, no.22.

Hermocrates to Chaeras his son, greeting. First of all I pray that you may be in health . . . and I beg you . . . to write regarding your health, and whatever you wish. Already indeed I have written you regarding the . . ., and you neither answered nor came, and now, if you do not come, I run the risk of losing the lot of land which  I possess. Our partner has taken no share in the work, for not only was the well not cleaned out, but in addition the water-channel was choked with sand, and the whole land is untilled.  No tenant was willing to work it, only I continue paying the public taxes without getting back anything in return. There is  hardly a single plot that the water will irrigate. Therefore you  must come, otherwise there is a risk that the plants perish.  Your sister Helene greets you, and your mother reproaches you  because you have never answered her. Especially security is  demanded by the tax-gatherers because you did not send the tax-gatherers to you (?) : but now also send to her. I pray that you  may be well. Pauni 9.

{Addressed}   Deliver from Hermocrates to Chaeras his son.

papyrus 108

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