Select Papyri, 1.107


Greek text:   BGU 1079
Date:   A.D. 41.

Sarapion to our Heracleides greeting. I sent you two other letters, one by Nedymus and one by Cronius the sword-bearer. Well, I received your letter from the Arab and I read it with pain. Wait on Ptollarion at all times ; perhaps he can relieve you. Say to him: "I am different from all the rest; I am a slave; I have sold you my wares for a talent too little (?); I do not know what my patron will do to me; we have many creditors; pray do not ruin us." Entreat him every day; perhaps he may take pity on you. If not, like everybody else beware you too of the Jews. By waiting on him you are better able to make a friend of him. See if with Diodorus's help you can get the tablet signed through the wife of the praefect. If you attend to your business, you cannot be blamed. Salute Diodorus heartily. Goodbye. Salute Harpocration. Year 1 of Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus Imperator, the 11th of the month Caesareus.

{Addressed}   Deliver in Alexandria in the Imperial Market in . . . to Heracleides from Sarapion

papyrus 107A

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