Select Papyri, 1.103


Greek text:   PGrenf ii.36
Date:   95 B.C.

Petosouchus son of Panebchounis to Peteharsemtheus and Paganis sons of Panebchounis and Pathemis son of Paras and Peteharsemtheus son of Harsenouphis and Peteharsemtheus son of Psennesis and Horus son of Pates, greeting and good health. I myself am well and Esthautis and Patous and Almentis and Phibis and Psenosiris and Phaphis and all our men. Do not grieve over the departed. They were expecting to be killed. To us he did no harm, but on the contrary has taken care of us. Write to me about any matter that you choose. We heard that mice have eaten up the crop. Pray come to us and buy wheat here, or, if you prefer, at Diospolis. For the rest please do us a favour by taking care of your own health. Horus and Petosiris are well. Goodbye. Year 19, Pachon 8.

{Addressed}   To Peteharsemtheus son of Nebchounis. From Petosouchus son of Nebchounis.

papyrus 104

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