Select Papyri, 1.100


Greek text:   PPar 47   (UPZ 1 70)
Date:   About 152 B.C.

Apollonius to Ptolemaeus his father greeting. I swear by Sarapis that if I had not a little compunction, you would never have seen my face again; for you utter nothing but lies and your gods likewise, for they have plunged us into a deep mire in which we may die, and when you have a vision that we are to be rescued, then we sink outright. Know that the runaway will try to prevent us remaining in the place; for because of us he has suffered a loss of 15 talents. The strategos is coming up tomorrow to the Serapeum and will spend two days in the Anubieum drinking. Never again can I hold up my head in Tricomia for shame that we have given ourselves away and been deluded, misled by the gods and trusting in dreams. Farewell.

{Addressed}   To Ptolemaeus greeting.

{Added at the side}   A reply to the soothsayers.

papyrus 101

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