Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 44.1227


Greek text:   SEG_44.1227
Provenance:   Mopsouestia , Cilicia
Date:   86/5 B.C. 
Tags:     Roman_letters
Format:   see key to translations

This inscription contains the end of one letter and most of another letter.  The second letter was almost certainly written by L.Lucullus, and therefore the first letter was written by his superior, Sulla. The second letter is usually dated to 86 B.C., and the first letter must have been slightly later.

The translation of the inscription  is taken from the commentary by K.Rigsby, "Asylia", pp.465-471 ( Google Books ).

[A]    [. . . (?) as] the temple has been [(?) honoured] by the kings [on account of] their piety towards the [goddess. (?) Therefore I have listened to the] request of [quaestor] Lucullus and grant that [your temple] of Isis is to be inviolable.

[B]   Lucullus, quaestor pro praetore, to the magistrates, council and people of Mopsouestia, [greetings. The] temple of Isis and Sarapis, being [most revered] and distinguished, 10 famed in every [city] and country and found worthy of the greatest honour among you, I myself, in keeping with the decision of the commanders before us, [have decided] to be inviolable.  Diodotos son of [Diodo]tos the son of Athenion, the priest of Sarapis and Isis, I have found to be valuable . . . distinguished, and I approve of him for attending to the gods most generously 20 and doing the most pious services and increasing most devotedly the honours of the gods and adorning the place [through (?) his personal] supervision; so I wish to [honour] him.  Inasmuch as you yourselves have granted him an honour far more worthy because of his dignity and renown with the people by providing, at the farming out of tax contracts, immunity on his person and wife and three sons and the [property] he possesses. . .

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