Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 43.451


Greek text:   Melet_22.EA.55
Provenance:   Pydna , Macedonia
Date:   180-168 B.C.
Tags:     isopoliteia
Format:   see key to translations

Not much documentation has survived from the city of Pydna under the rule of the Macedonian kings, but this decree shows that it was functioning as a superficially autonomous Hellenistic city.   Translated by M. Hatzopoulos, "Macedonian Institutions under the Kings", 1, pp.130-131 ( PDF ), with a discussion of the date.

With good fortune.   Proteas of Pydna, the son of Philippos, who had been sent by the city as ambassador to Karponidas and Alexiphaēs of Demetrias and who is the priest of Apollo Dekadryos, proposed:   since Karponidas and Alexiphaēs, complying with the city's letter and with the requests of Proteas and of Kleoboulos son of Antikrates, his fellow ambassador, restored 10 the statue of Apollo Dekadryos, with all possible zeal and nobleness offering up their piety to the godhead and to the city worthy favours;   therefore in order that our city, too, may show herself bountiful and reciprocating the honours towards those who honour her with ardour, let it be resolved by the city of Pydna to praise Karponidas and Alexiphaēs for the goodwill which they show towards the city, and to grant to them and their descendants joint citizenship {isopoliteia}, 20 proxeny and security in war and peace and all the other privileges, exactly as to the other benefactors; and in order that it may be clear that those who receive benefactions bestow honours that double the gratitude to the benefactors, this decree shall be inscribed on a stone stele and set up before the temple in the most conspicuous place; the treasurers shall disburse the expense out of the sacred fund.   

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