Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 42.837


Greek text:   SEG_42.837
Provenance:   Centuripae , Sicily
Date:   c. 100 B.C. 
Tags:     kinship
Format:   see key to translations

Apart from a brief mention of Rome at the beginning, most of this inscription is concerned with confirming the 'kinship' between Lanuvium in Latium and Centuripae in Sicily.  Cicero (Verr. 5.83) says, 'the Segestans, [and] the city of Centuripae . . . not only through their service, loyalty, and antiquity, but also their kinship, almost deserve the name of Romans', although he does not explain the reason for this kinship. The relationship between the cities is discussed by J.Prag, "Kinship diplomacy between Sicily and Rome", pp.189-193 ( PDF ).

There is an Italian translation of the inscription by F.  Canali de Rossi, "Iscrizioni Storiche Ellenistiche", vol. 3, no.  163.

[The envoys] who went to Rome and [(?) talked to the senate in accordance with] their instructions, Philiarchos son of Philiarchos, Lamp... [ . . . (?) Zoarchos son of Meniskos, say] that they also went to Lanuvium and renewed [the existing] kinship . . . [between the people of Lanuvium] and the people of Centuripae.They have come back [with] a decree from the senate of Lanuvium, [as follows].

[Publius] Furius son of Publius, dictator, and Gaius Atellius . . . [and] . . . son of Gaius, aediles, consulted the senate . . . [before] the kalends of December; Lucius . . ., . . . Marcius son of Quintus, and Lucius Captius son of Marcus were present at the drafting of the decree; [concerning what (?) Philiarchos son of Philiarchos and] 10 Zoarchos son of Meniskos, the envoys of the Centuripans, [have said] . . . of the people and senate of Centuripae . . . they should renew the friendly relations and familiarity and . . . to pass it on as a memorial to their descendants . . . that what the envoys, being noble men, . . . have renewed . . . [we] have inherited [this kinship from our ancestors], and these . . . to the colony of Centuripae . . . [this shall be set up] in the [temple] of . . .

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