Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 41.448


Greek text:   (A) SEG_41.448
Provenance:   (A) Chaeronea ,   (B) Orchomenus, Boeotia
Date:   86 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

After his account of the battle of Chaironeia, Plutarch ( Sulla, 19.5 ) says: "[Sulla] inscribed upon his trophies the names of Ares, Nike and Aphrodite, in the belief that his success in the war was due no less to good fortune than to military skill and strength. This trophy of the battle in the plain stands on the spot where the troops of Archelaos first gave way, by the brook Molos, but there is another planted on the crest of Thourion to commemorate the envelopment of the barbarians there, and it indicates in Greek letters that Homolo´chos and Anaxidamos were the heroes of the exploit."

Two recent discoveries have fully confirmed Plutarch's statement, although the latest discovery was found near Orchomenos, and so the trophy must refer to the battle of Orchomenos. Enough has survived to enable this trophy to be restored; the drawing is taken from M. Magnisali & T. Bilis, in "10th International Symposium on the Conservation of Monuments in the Mediterranean Basin, p. 639 ( Google Books ).

Details of the two trophies have been published by J. Camp, "A Trophy from the Battle of Chaironeia of 86 B. C." ( ); and E. Kountouri & N. Petrochilos & S. Zoumbaki, "The Tropaion of Sulla over Mithridates VI Eupator: A first approach" ( ).

  Trophy at Orchomenos

[A]   Homoloïchos and Wanaxidamos were bravest.

[B]   [Lucius] Cornelius Sulla, son [of Lucius], imperator, from the war against king Mithridates and his allies, dedicated this to Ares, Nike and Aphrodite.

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