Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 38.1571


Greek text:   SEG_38.1571
Provenance:   Conna  ( Ras Baalbek )
Date:   c. 217 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

This dedication may have been made when Ptolemy IV and Arsinoe III were visiting Syria and Phoenicia in 217 B.C. , after their victory at Raphia ( Polyb. 5.87.6 ) - though that date is not certain. Another inscription in honour of Arsinoe has been found at Marisa; see CIIP, vol. 4, no. 3153 ( Google Books ).

The dedication to Isis and Sarapis fits in with other evidence, especially from coins, some of which were minted in Sidon, that the cult of these two Egyptian gods grew rapidly in importance, and was officially encouraged, during the reign of Ptolemy IV; see T. Landvatter, "The Serapis and Isis Coinage of Ptolemy IV" ( ). A temple in Alexandria, the capital of the kingdom, was dedicated to 'Sarapis and Isis, the Saviour Gods, and king Ptolemaios and queen Arsinoe, the gods Philopatores'; see E.Fassa, "Sarapis, Isis, and the Ptolemies in Private Dedications", paras.17-18 ( Kernos, 2015 ).

On behalf of king Ptolemaios and queen Arsinoē, the gods Philopatores, this was dedicated to Isis and Sarapis, the Saviour gods, by Marsyas of Alexandria, son of Demetrios, the chief secretary.

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