Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 37.673


Greek text:   SEG_37.673 
Provenance:   Olbia , north coast of Black Sea 
Date:   3rd century B.C. 
Tags:     curses
Format:   see key to translations

This unusual curse tablet seems to be addressing the ghost of a dead man, and asking him to intervene in a lawsuit. The translation is by A.Belousov, adapted by J.Franek and D.Urbanová, "May TheirLimbs Melt . . .", no. 27 ( ). 

Just as we do not know you, so shall not Eupolis and Dionysios, Makareus, Aristokrates and Demopolis, Komaios and Heragores [know us] at whichever lawsuit they attend. And also do not let Leptinas, Epikrates, Hestiaios attend any lawsuit for which they have planned to give testimony - just as we do not know you. And if you maintain this spell on them and seize them I will indeed honour you for that and prepare the best gift. 

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