Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 32.131


Greek text:   SEG_32.131   ( see also IG_2³.1.1309 )
Provenance:   Athens
Date:   178/7 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

This inscription dates to the time when Antiochos was staying at Athens, where he went after he was released by the Romans, who had been holding him as hostage. Antiochos remained in Athens until 175 B.C., when he became king of Syria on the death of his brother Seleukos IV.   The translation is adapted from G.Davis & S.R.Llewelyn, in "New Documents Illustrating Early Christianity" (vol.10, 2012).

When Philon [the one after Menedemos] was archon, on the ninth day of the month of Pyanopsion, [which was the seventeenth day] of the prytany, [in full assembly in the theatre]; it was resolved by [the council and the people] . . . [as proposed] by Aristogeiton son of Poly... : [since] Antiochos the son of king [Antiochos, and brother of king] Seleukos, has inherited goodwill towards the people from his forebears and is good in [all . . . not only from] the beginning . . . but also . . .

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