Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 29.774


Greek text:   SEG_29.774
Provenance:   Thasos
Date:   mid 1st century B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

The famous athlete Theagenes was honoured as a hero in his homeland, and archaeologists have discovered what appears to a circular altar dedicated to him in the agora of Thasos. Nearby was a thesauros {offering box} with this inscription; see M.E. Gorrini , "Healing statues in the Greek and Roman world", pp. 107-111 ( ).

The translation is taken from I. Pafford, in "Cities and Priests", pp.50-51 ( Google Books ).

Let those sacrificing to Theogenes of Thasos make a first-fruits offering {aparchesthai} into the offering box of not less than an obol. For the one not making a first fruit offering, let it be taken to heart according to the previously posted notice. The money collected for each year is to be given to the hieromnemon. He is to guard it until 1,000 drachmas have been collected. When the prescribed sum has been collected, let the council and people decide on what dedication or furnishing for Theogenes to expend the money.

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