Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 16.60


Greek text:   SEG_16.60 , IG_2.471
Provenance:   Athens
Date:   320/19 & 306/5 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

There is a commentary on the first inscription by R.S.Stroud (Hesperia, 1970 - PDF ), p.174, #25. Stroud argues that the inscription should be dated to the tenth prytany of the year when Neaichmos was archon. It probably refers to an Athenian defeat during the Lamian war.   The second inscription is the earliest known document in which Antigonos and Demetrios appear as kings.

[A]   SEG_16.60

. . . since Lykiskos the (?) descendant of T... in [previous] times continually [showed goodwill] towards the people [of Athens], and took [many] of the citizens who had been captured [in the sea battle and] sent them back to Athens at [his own expense; and now, while he is residing] with [the kings], he always [does the best] for the Athenians [or the (?) resident aliens whom] he meets; therefore [it is resolved by the] people [to praise him on account of] his righteousness [and] to crown . . .

[B]   IG_2.471

When Koroibos was archon, in the tenth prytany of the Oineis tribe, with Pamphilos of Rhamnous the son of Theogeiton as secretary; on the intercalary last day of the month of Mounychion, which was the twenty-ninth day of the prytany, in assembly; Pythippos of Marathon, the son of Pythion, and the other presidents put it to the vote; it was resolved by the people, as proposed by Stratokles of Diomeia, the son of Euthydemos: since the kinsmen of Lykiskos, who are residing with kings Antigonos [and Demetrios], have striven [to assist] the people [of Athens], saying [and doing] . . .

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