Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 12.314


Greek text:   Beroia_45
Provenance:     Beroia , Macedonia 
Date:     239-229 B.C.
Tags:     slaves
Format:   see key to translations

It is now generally agreed that this document belongs to the reign of Demetrios II, although Demetrios only reigned for ten years and the document refers to his twenty-seventh year. The most likely explanation is that Demetrios was appointed co-ruler during the reign of his father Antigonos Gonatas, and for some reason the year is here reckoned from his appointment as co-ruler, although in other surviving documents his reign is dated from his accession as sole ruler.  

The translation is taken from E. Martín Gonzáles &  P. Paschidis, ΕΠΙΓΡΑΦΕΣ ΒΕΡΟΙΑΣ, no.45 ( PDF ).

With good fortune. In the twenty-seventh year of the reign of Demetrios, in the month of Peritios, when Apollonides son of Glaukias was the priest, Kosmos, Marsyas, and Ortyx paid Attinas, son of Alketas, for the purpose of freedom, themselves on behalf of themselves and their wives, Arnion, Glauka, and Chlidane, and their children - both those who now exist and if any is born later - and all that belongs to them, fifty gold staters each, and Aspazatis paid on behalf of herself and her belongings twenty-five gold staters. If they remain with Attinas for as long as Attinas lives, and do whatever Attinas commands, they shall be allowed, when Attinas dies, to depart and go wherever they wish. And it shall not be possible for Alketas nor Alketas' wife nor Alketas' offspring nor Lareta to lay hands on them, their wives, or their children, or on Aspazatis, nor to lead them into slavery, nor to seize any of her belongings on any pretext, nor for another to do so on their behalf; otherwise, they shall be free and the one who leads them into slavery shall pay for each person one hundred gold staters, and to the king another one hundred each for each person; and if one seizes anything from their belongings he shall pay as a fine twice the value of whatever he seized from them. If, however, they do not remain by Attinas and do whatever he commands - both they and their wives and children - so long as Attinas lives, then for the one who does not comply the freedom shall be invalid again. They claim as their protectors the king, the queen, Machatas son of Theogenes, his children, Archippos, Bakchylos, Damognetos and Iasoneikos. 

Witnesses:   Aischylinos son of Aristokleides, Gaiteas son of Chairekrates, Machatas son of Philippos, Alketas son of M...oikos, . . . [son of] . . ., Pausanias son of Asandros.

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