Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 3.710


Greek text:   IG_12.sup.116 
Provenance:     Methymna , Lesbos
Date:   c. 129 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

It was by no means unknown for the youths {neoi} of a city to pass a resolution about the conduct of the gymnasium; see for instance SEG_55.1251. But it is more unusual to find the youths taking an active interest in the finances of the state; see N.M. Kennell, "Who Were the Neoi?", p. 226 ( ).

When Timichos son of Anthemokles was prytanis, and the gymnasiarchs were Herakon son of Damocles and Apollonios son of Phanēs, in the month of Pantheios; with good fortune, it was resolved by the youths: since in previous times also we have often offered ourselves to assist the people; and now at the current time we observe that the people is afflicted because of the continual dearth of corn and the need for contributions of money for the corn supply; and furthermore because of its longstanding goodwill and friendship 10 towards the Romans, and because of its existing alliance with them, the people is participating in the war which has arisen for the Romans in Asia, and is making many large payments to contribute to this purpose; therefore it behoves us, both maintaining the goodwill which we have previously had towards the people and acting in accordance with the good attitude of the people towards the affairs of the Romans, to provide money and give it voluntarily to the city for the aforesaid reasons, up to (?) 3,100 staters, in order that . . . some men . . . by us, who will lend . . . 20 towards [(?) the interest] that arises . . .  

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