Royal Correspondence: 50


Greek text:   IG_12.4.1.251
Date:     182 B.C.
Tags:     games+festivals
Format:   see key to translations

Welles remarked that it was unusual to send as many as five envoys for a mission of this kind. Two of the envoys - Megon and Kalas - also appear in the previous inscription ( RC_49 ).

[A] King Eumenes to [the council and] people of Kos, greetings. [We honour] Athena Nikephoros above all the other gods, [because she] has brought us [many] great [blessings on] every kind of critical [occasion]; and we have called her [Nikephoros {"bringing victory"}, considering that this is the best] and most suitable epithet, as [we have previously written to you]; for twice previously, when you were invited [by us], you kindly [accepted] the festivals that [we announced], and you sent [theoroi to join] in the sacrifices in a holy [and pious manner; and now], wishing to increase [her honours] and to render a greater thank-offering [for the struggles in war], we have decided [to celebrate] a festival [for her] every four years, with [musical] and gymnastic [contests], declaring that [her temple] and the [precinct around it] shall be inviolable, [within the boundaries] that we will set. [We have decided that it is right that that this should be announced] by theoroi, [so that] the games [may be celebrated with all] our most devoted friends [among the Greeks, as thanksgiving to Athena] for great successes, and we have sent you as theoroi . . . of Magnesia, a man who enjoys at our court, because of his valour, [honour of the first rank] and a prominent seat in the theatre, . . . of Myrina and Megon [of Ephesos, who are] of our highest honoured [friends, and . . . and Kalas] of Pergamon, men by us [considered excellent and who as] citizens have attained [everything] suitable [to their age], and who have been selected [by their city] because it [joins with us] in proclamation [of the Nikephoria]. You will do well, then, first [because of the goddess and then] because of us, to hear these men [kindly] and to recognise [the Nikephoria and the inviolability of the sanctuary], as is convenient for you. So doing, you will clearly join in advancing her honours and [for the future you will have us, in accordance with] our present [goodwill towards your people], as [zealous] as possible to work on every occasion [your advantage]. Further in detail [you will hear from the] envoys [themselves]. Farewell.

[B] [It was resolved by the council and the people], as recommended by the presidents: [since king Eumenes has sent] theoroi [from himself and the city of Pergamon] to announce . . .

letter 51

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