Translations of Hellenistic Inscriptions: 102


Greek text:   IGLS_4.1261
Provenance:     Laodikeia , Syria
Date:   174 B.C.
Translated by: J.D.Sosin
Format:   see key to translations

This decree was issued by the city of Laodikeia-by-the-Sea (the modern Latakia) in Syria. For an explanation of the background to the decree, see J.D.Sosin, "Unwelcome Dedications: Public Law and Private Religion in Hellenistic Laodicea by the Sea" ( PDF ).

Year 138, on the thirtieth day of the month of Audnaios, proposal of Asklepiades the governor {epistatēs} and the magistrates. Since Horos and Apollodoros and Antiochos, priests of Sarapis and Isis, declared that a block of houses, in which also stands the precinct of the aforesaid gods, belongs to them and to the sons of Apollodoros, their grandpaternal cousins, as private property; and since a decree has been passed that those requesting from the city a place for the dedication of a statue shall pay a fixed fee, and some are seeking places in the precinct; being anxious lest their possessions be dismantled in such a manner, they asked that consideration be given concerning these matters: it is well that their possessions, which they have exhibited, may not be dismantled in such a way: it has been resolved by the peliganes: those who wish to erect a statue in the same place shall give the decreed sum, not for the place, but for the statue itself.

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