OGIS: 93


Greek text:   ABSA_56.15.40 ,   ABSA_56.15.41 ,   IG_2².2313
Date:   203-197 B.C.
Tags:     women
Format:   see key to translations

Polykrates of Argos succeeded Pelops ( OGIS 84 ) as governor of Cyprus. His wife came from a Libyan family. Such 'trans-national' marriages were probably more common among royal officials; see R. van Bremen in "Pindar's Poetry, Patrons, and Festivals", pp.360-362 ( Google Books ). C shows that this family gained further prestige through their success in chariot racing.

A and B were both found in the temple of Aphrodite at Paphos - see J. Mlynarczyk, "Nea Paphos in the Hellenistic Pariod", pp. 121-2 ( ); but B was not included by Dittenberger.

[A]   This statue of king [Ptolemaios] the god Epiphanes and Eucharistos, the son [of the gods] Philopatores, was dedicated by Polykrates of Argos, son of [Mnasiades], the general [and high] priest of the island.

[B]   This statue was dedicated to Paphian Aphrodite in honour of Zeuxo of Cyrene, the daughter of Ariston and wife of Polykrates, the general and high priest, by Stratonike of Alexandria, daughter of Nikias.

[C]   {excerpts from a list of victors in the Panathenaia at Athens}