OGIS: 50


Greek text:   OGIS_50
Date:   c. 269-246 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

The evidence for the activities of the Egyptian association of Dionysiac Artists comes from Ptolemais in Upper Egypt, although it is assumed that the association also had an important branch in Alexandria; see A.Kotlinska-Toma, "Hellenistic Tragedy", page 278 ( Google Books ).

It was resolved by the artists of Dionysos and the Gods Adelphoi, and by the other members of the guild, to crown Dionysios son of Mousaios, prytanis for life, with a traditional wreath of ivy, on account of his goodwill towards the city of Ptolemais and the artists of Dionysos the great and the Gods Adelphoi. The award of the crown shall be announced at the Dionysia and this decree shall be inscribed on a stele and set up in front of the temple of Dionysos. The steward Sosibios shall give the money for the cost of the stele.

inscription 51

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