OGIS: 49


Greek text:   OGIS_49
Date:   c. 246-222 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

The 'games' provided by Antiphilos were no doubt musical and dramatic festivals, for which a wreath of ivy would be a very appropriate reward, as also in OGIS_50; see S.Remijsen, in "Sport in the Cultures of the Ancient World", page 111 ( ). Games like this were an important part of Greek culture, and therefore emphasised the Greek identity of Ptolemais.

. . . of the city; and Antiphilos has delivered the games in a manner worthy of the king and the city; therefore so that the city may be seen to give an honourable and worthy welcome to those who come here from the king, it is resolved by the people to crown Antiphilos son of Agathanor with a traditional wreath of ivy, on the twenty-fifth day {of Dios}, which is the king's regnal day, on account of his honourable conduct towards the [king], and to make him a citizen of the city of Ptolemais. He and his descendants shall be given meals in the prytaneion for life, and they shall privileged seating at the games. The prytaneis shall assign him to the Ptolemaiïs tribe and the Berenikeus deme, and the secretary of the council shall inscribe this decree on a stele and . . .

inscription 50

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