247 B.C. Olympiad 133.2

Consuls: L. Caecilius L.f. Metellus (II), N. Fabius M.f. Buteo
Athenian archon: Theophemus

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1 GRE {31 Elaphebolion -G = April} Document: IG_2³.1011 (Syll_491), an Athenian decree concerning contributions to the military fund. { Errington_p108=244/3.}
2 SIC Hamilcar Barca is appointed Carthaginian commander.
* Read Nepos' account
+Polyb_1.56'1; Diod_24.5'1-2; Nepos_22.1'1-2; +Zonar_8'16;(p9)  { CAH_7.2'563.}
2a ITA Hamilcar raids the coast of Southern Italy.
* Read Polybius' account
+Polyb_1.56'2-3; Oros_4.10'4; +Zonar_8'16;(p11)  { OCD_h.}
3 AFR A privately raised force of Roman ships makes a raid on Hippo.
* Read Zonaras' account
Frontin:Str_1.5'6; +Zonar_8'16,(p9)  '16.(p13) 
4 The Carthaginian general Hanno captures Hecatompylus.
* Read Diodorus' account
Polyb_1.73'1; ~Diod_24.10'1-2; Appian:Sic_2'8;(4)  { CAH_7.2'563.}
5 SIC The Romans capture the island of Pelias.
6 Hamilcar seizes the hill of Heircte.
+Polyb_1.56'3-57'8; { CAH_7.2'670; OCD_h.}
7 GRE ?? The death of the philosopher Dionysius of Heracleia.
* Read Diogenes' account
Phld:Sto_33; Censor:DN_15'2; DiogLaert_7'167; { OCD_d.}
8 CYR << Demetrius the Fair is assassinated.
* Read Justin's account
Catull_66'27-28; ~Just_26.3'6-8; Trog:Prol_26; [Euseb]:Chron_237; { Green_697.}
9 EXT << The death of Diodotus I, king of Bactria, and the accession of Diodotus II.
~Just_41.4'8-9; { CAH_8'420; OCD_d?235.}
10 PER << The Parthians gain independence from Seleucid rule.
* Read Arrian's account
Strab_11'515;(9.3)  Appian:Syr_65; Arrian:Fr_30, 31; DioCass_40.14'3; Herodian_6.2'7(?); ~Just_41.2'1, !4'3-4; +[Euseb]:Chron_207;(↓)  Julian:Or_1.17'C; +Hieron:Chron_1769; AmmMarc_23.6'2-3; Suda_A'4015; { CAH_7.1'220; OCD_p.}
11 << Arsaces is proclaimed king of the Parthians; the beginning of the Arsacid Era.
* Read Arrian's account
Cuneif_P342490, P342249; IsidChar_2'm; RC_75; ~Arrian:Fr_31; Movses_2'1-2; { OCD_a.}
11a EGY {20 Tybi = July} Document: AET_7.19, an agreement to provide surety for a prisoner.
12 ?? Document: BD_106, a letter from Calippus to Zenon. { In the 38th year of Ptolemy.}
13 << Apollonius dismisses Zenon from his post as estate manager.
PCairZen_59832<t= BD_76>.
14 << The Carthaginians send an embassy to Ptolemy II, but fail to get any practical assistance against Rome.
Appian:Sic_1; { This happened after the Roman naval disasters in 249 B.C.}
15 AFR == The birth of Hannibal, the famous Carthaginian general.
* Read Polybius' account
Polyb_2.1'6; Nepos_23.2'3, 3'2, 13'1; Liv_21.1'4; Ampel_28'4; Zonar_8'21;(p55)  { OCD_h.}
16 ETR >> The Romans found colonies at Aefulum and Alsium.
~Vell_1.14'8; { CAH_7.2'564.}
17 ROM >> The censor A.Torquatus intervenes to protect the graves of the Popillian clan.
Cic:Leg_2'55;L  { A.Torquatus is dated to this year by FastCap_p56.}
18 ROM Document: SelPap_2.267, a petition from Theopropus to Apollonius.

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