232 B.C. Olympiad 137.1

Consuls: M. Aemilius M.f. Lepidus, M. Publicius L.f. Malleolus
Athenian archon: (?) Mneseides
Achaean General: Lydiades (II)
Olympic victor in the stadion race: Menestheus of Barcylia (?Bargylia)

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1 ROM {1 February -R} The triumph of Q.Fabius, over the Ligurians.
* Read Fasti's account
#FastTr_p101; CIL_11.1828; Plut:Fab_2'1, 23'2, 29'1; [Vict]:VirIll_43'1.L 
2 {15 March -R} The triumph of M'.Pomponius, over the Sardinians.
3 PEL Lydiades is elected general of the Achaean League for the second time.
~Plut:Arat_30'6; { CAH_7.1'506; OCD_l.}
4 GRE ?? The inhabitants of Pleuron move to a new site, as a result of Demetrius' attacks on Aetolia.
4a ?? Document: Syll_453, a dedication at Delphi by Nereis, daughter of Pyrrhus II.
5 EPI << Revolution in Epirus, after the deaths of Ptolemy and Olympias.
* Read Justin's account
Paus_4.35'3, '5; Polyaen_8.52'1; ~Just_28.3'1-8; Trog:Prol_28; { CAH_7.1'452; CAH_8'86.}
6 SAR The Roman consuls join together to suppress resistance in Sardinia.
7 EGY {Epeiph -E = August/Sept.} Document: BD_87, a letter from Apollonius to Leon.
7a {18 Mesore - E = October} Document: BD_77A, a letter from Dionysodorus, asking for sluice-gates to be opened.
8 ROM >> The tribune Flaminius passes an agrarian law.
* Read Polybius' account
+Polyb_2.21'7-9, 23'1; Cic:Brut_57, :Acad_2'13, !:Sen_11; Liv_21.63'2; ValMax_5.4'5; { CAH_7.2'432-433; OCD_f.}
9 >> Flaminius pursues anti-senatorial policies in his year as tribune.
* Read Livy's account
Cic:Leg_3'20;L  Liv_21.63'2.

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