202 B.C. Olympiad 144.3

Consuls: Ti. Claudius P.f. Nero, M. Servilius C.f. Pulex Geminus
Athenian archon: Proxenides
Achaean General: Lysippus

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1 EGY ?? Rebellion breaks out in Egypt and its overseas territories, during the ascendancy of Agathocles.
AET_8.13'D. Porph:Fr_45; { Hölbl_p154-155; the rebels were in control of Thebes from 206 B.C. onwards.}
2 ++ Sosibius, the associate of Agathocles, enjoys a good reputation despite his evil character.
* Read Polybius' account
~Polyb_15.25'1-2, 16.22'1-2; Suda_S'859; { Sosibius appears to have died or retired before the death of Agathocles.}
3 << The violent death of Agathocles, the chief minister of Ptolemy.
* Read Polybius' account
~Polyb_15.25'20-34'6, 35'7; Just_30.2'7; { CAH_8'251; Green_704.}
4 AFR The Carthaginians seize some Roman transport ships bringing supplies to Scipio.
* Read Polybius' account
~Polyb_15.1'1-4'12; Diod_28.11'1-12'2; ~Liv_30.24'5-25'12; ValMax_6.6'4; Frontin:Str_3.6'1; Plut:Mor_196'C-D; ~Appian:Pun_34-35; DioCass_fr.57'72, '75; Eutrop_3.22'1; Zonar_9'13;(p259)  { CAH_8'64.}
5 ROM {March -R} Claudius is allotted Africa as his province.
5a MES {Nisanu or Abu -B} Document: Cuneif_Q.004180, a record of building work by Anu-uballiṭ Cephalon at Uruk.
6 ASI << The "partition pact" between Antiochus and Philippus: an informal agreement to seize the overseas territories of Ptolemy V.
* Read Polybius' account
Polyb_3.2'8, ~15.20'1-8; Diod_28.2'1-4'1; Liv_31.14'5; Appian:Mac_4'1;(5)  Trog:Prol_30; Porph:Fr_45; { Green_304.}
7 AFR The death of Hasdrubal, son of Gisgo.
* Read Appian's account
Frontin:Str_1.8'10; ~Appian:Pun_36-38; ~Zonar_9'13;(p261)  { OCD_h.}
8 ROM {July -R} Apprehension and omens at Rome before the battle of Zama.
* Read Livy's account
+Liv_30.38'6-12; +Zonar_9'14.(p261) 
9 AEG Philippus captures Cius and Thasos.
* Read Polybius' account
~Polyb_15.21'1-24'6, 18.3'12, 4'5-7, 54'8-10; Liv_31.31'4, 32.21'22, 33'16; Strab_12'563-564;(4.3)  Plut:Mor_245'B-C; Appian:Mac_4'1;(5)  Suda_M'1204; { CAH_8'252; Green_306.}
10 AFR Scipio captures three Carthaginian spies, but releases them unharmed.
* Read Polybius' account
~Polyb_15.5'1-7; +Liv_30.29'1-3; ValMax_3.7'1; ~Appian:Pun_39; Polyaen_8.16'8; Eutrop_3.22'2; Suda_A'2452; +Zonar_9'14.(p263) 
11 Scipio and Hannibal hold a conference on the night before joining in battle.
* Read Polybius' account
Ennius:Ann_315; ~Polyb_15.5'8-9'1; Nepos_23.6'2; +Liv_30.29'4-32'3; Plut:Flam_21'2; Flor_1.22'58-59; ~Appian:Pun_39; Eutrop_3.22'2; ~Oros_4.19'2; +Zonar_9'14;(p265)  { CAH_8'64.}
12 {? October} Scipio defeats Hannibal at Zama.
* Read Polybius' account
Ennius:Ann_307-314, :Fr_p396'5-6; ~Polyb_15.9'2-16'6; Nepos_23.6'3-4; +Liv_30.32'4-35'11, 38.51'7-9; Frontin:Str_2.3'16; Silius_17'291-617; Flor_1.22'60-61; ~Appian:Pun_40-48; Gell_4.18'3; Eutrop_3.22'2-23'2; ~Oros_4.19'3; +Zonar_9'14;(p267)  { CAH_8'64; OCD_z.}
13 GRE {Sept./Oct.} Two youths from Acarnania are put to death after accidentally entering the mysteries at Eleusis.
Liv_31.14'6-9; { This happened shortly before Philippus' invasion of Attica.}
13a EPI << Document: RC_35, a letter from Amynander of Athamania to Teos.
14 ROM An embassy from the Aetolians attempts to gain Roman support against Philippus.
Appian:Mac_4'2;(5)  { Green_705.}
15 AFR {17 December -R} A force of Numidians led by Vermina is completely defeated by the Romans.
* Read Livy's account
#Liv_30.36'1-8, 40'3.
16 SAR Claudius is prevented by a storm from sailing to Africa.
* Read Livy's account
+Liv_30.39'1-3; +Zonar_9'14.(p263) 
17 ROM ?? The sons of freedmen are allowed to wear the toga praetexta, so that they can participate in rites prescribed by the Sibylline Books.
18 ?? L.Fulvius is sent to prison for wearing a chaplet of roses.
19 AFR ?? Stratagems employed by Hannibal during the Second Punic War.
* Read Frontinus' account
Frontin:Str_2.5'13, 3.16'4.
20 ?? Many Romans desert or are captured and sold into slavery by Hannibal during the war.
* Read Plutarch's account
ValMax_5.2'6; Plut:Flam_13'6-7.
21 ++ The perseverance and skilful leadership of Hannibal during the war.
* Read Polybius' account
Polyb_9.22'1-26'11, 11.19'1-7, 18.28'6-9, 23.13'1-2; Lucil_952-953; Cic:Sest_142; Diod_29.19'1; Nepos_23.1'1-2; DioCass_fr.54'1-11; Just_30.4'9.
22 ++ General comments on the Second Punic War.
* Read Dio's account
Diod_37.1'4; Silius_1'1-8; Flor_1.22'1; Appian:Hisp_4; DioCass_fr.52'1-2; Zonar_9'14.(p273) 
23 Peace terms are agreed between the Romans and the Carthaginians; the end of the Second Punic War.
* Read Polybius' account
~Polyb_15.17'1-19'9; Nepos_23.7'1; +Liv_30.36'9-38'5, 42.23'3-4; Plin:HN_33'51; Silius_17'618-624; Plut:CatMai_26'2, :Flam_21'2, :Mor_196'D; Appian:Pun_2, ~49-56, 59; Ampel_37'1-2; Gell_7.5'1; DioCass_fr.57'82; ~Oros_4.19'4; ~Zonar_9'14;(p269)  { CAH_8'64-65.}
24 ITA The Romans punish the Bruttii for their support of Hannibal.

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