199 B.C. Olympiad 145.2

Consuls: L. Cornelius L.f. Lentulus, P. Villius Ti.f. Tappulus
Achaean General: Aristaenus

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1 GRE The assembly of the Aetolian League decides to remain neutral in the forthcoming war against Philippus.
* Read Polybius' account
~Polyb_16.35'1-2; +Liv_31.27'1-32'5; +Zonar_9'15;(p279)  { CAH_8'262-263; Green_309.}
2 GRE << Document: THI_95, a decree of Delphi in honour of Satyrus.
3 PEL << The death of Pelops, king of Sparta.
4 << The birth of the historian Polybius.
Lucian:Macr_22; { OCD_p.}
5 ASI << Document: Syll_577, a decree of Miletus concerning the foundation of a school by Eudemus.
5a << Document: THI_123, a decree about games instituted in Cnidus after an epiphany of the goddess Artemis.
6 EGY << Joseph the Jewish tax-collector marries his niece at Alexandria.
Joseph:AJ_12'186-190; { Josephus' son Hyrcanus was about 13 years old at the time of the birth of Ptolemy Philometor (? 186 B.C).}
7 PHO << Antiochus forces Scopas to surrender after besieging him at Sidon.
* Read Daniel's account
Daniel_11'15; Porph:Fr_46.
8 ARM ?? Armenia is governed by Artaxias and Zariadris, two generals of Antiochus, after the death of its king Orontes.
Strab_11'531;(14.15)  { This happened some years before the battle of Magnesia; Artaxias lived on until at least 160 B.C.}
9 ASI ?? Praylus the pupil of Timon is accused of treason.
DiogLaert_9'115; { Timon lived until about 230 B.C.}
10 EGY ++ General comments on the career of the historian Ister of Cyrene.
Suda_I'706; { OCD_i.}
11 MAC Skirmishes between Philippus and the Roman army near Athacus.
* Read Livy's account
Diod_28.8'1; ~Liv_31.33'1-38'10, 40'10, 32.21'19, 28'5; Plut:Flam_3'1; Flor_1.23'9; Ampel_16'3; DioCass_fr.58'1-3; ~Zonar_9'15.(p279) 
12 AEG The Roman fleet, aided by Attalus, captures Oreus.
* Read Livy's account
Apollod:Fr_78; ~Liv_31.44'1-47'3; DioCass_fr.58'4; ~Zonar_9'15;(p283)  { CAH_8'263.}
13 CIS The Insubres defeat a Roman army under Cn.Baebius.
* Read Livy's account
+Liv_32.7'5-8; +Zonar_9'15;(p287)  { CAH_8'111.}
14 MAC The Romans invade Eordaea.
* Read Livy's account
Polyb_18.23'3; ~Liv_31.39'1-40'6, 32.21'19, 33.8'5.
15 The Aetolians invade Thessaly.
* Read Livy's account
~Liv_31.40'7-43'7; Paus_1.36'5, 6.16'2; { CAH_8'263; Green_705.}
15a EGY {28 Pauni -E = August} Document: OGIS_758, graffiti written during the siege of Abydos in Egypt. { Hölbl_p155.}
16 MAC Villius arrives in Macedonia to take over command of the Roman army.
+Liv_32.3'1-4'7; { G8'263.}
16a EGY {22 Thoth -E = November} Document: SelPap_2.270A, a petition from a female wine-seller.
17 ROM T.Flamininus is elected consul for the following year, though he had not held the office of aedile or praetor.
* Read Livy's account
+Liv_32.7'8-13; Plut:Flam_2'1-2, :Mor_197'A; { G8'175-176.}
18 == The censors Scipio and Paetus review the senate without any disputes.
* Read Livy's account
+Liv_32.7'1-3, 34.44'4, 35.10'6, 38.28'2, 50'10, 53'10, 58'8; +FastCap_p64; { G8'182-183; OCD_s.}
19 == The Lex Porcia gives a right of appeal against judgements.
Cic:Rep_2'54; { MRR_1'327..}
20 == L.Manlius is prevented from celebrating an ovation by the tribune P.Porcius.
21 {15 March -R} The consuls enter office, and receive an embassy from Attalus.
* Read Livy's account
+Liv_32.8'1-16; +Plut:Flam_2'3-5; Oros_4.20'1; { CAH_8'270.}

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