164 B.C. Olympiad 154.1

Consuls: A. Manlius A.f. Torquatus, Q. Cassius L.f. Longinus
Athenian archon: Euergetes
Olympic victor in the stadion race: Leonidas of Rhodes

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1 ROM Embassies from Prusias, Rhodes, and the Achaeans appear before the Roman senate; the Romans finally agree to renew their alliance with Rhodes.
* Read Polybius' account
Polyb_30.30'1-32'12; ~[Liv]:Per_46; { CAH_8'338, '380.}
1a AEG {26 Gamelion -G} Document: Syll_662, a decree of Delos in honour of Amphicles, a lyric poet.
1b EGY {5 Tybi -E = February} Document: AET_9.10'C-D, recording building work on the temple of Satis in Elephantine.
2 PAL {15 Xanthicus -M = March} Antiochus IV and two Roman legates, Q.Memmius and T.Manius, write to the Jews, following negotiations between Lysias and Judas.
* Read 2Maccabees' account
+2Macc_11'13-21, #'27-12'2; MegTaan_12'8; { CAH_8'350; Green_518.}
2a GRE {16 Scirophorion -G} Document: Syll_661, an Athenian decree in honour of the demarch of Eleusis.
3 EGY << Ptolemy suppresses a rebellion in the Thebaid and captures Panonpolis.
~Diod_31.17b'1; { Hölbl_p181-182.}
4 PER << Antiochus IV campaigns against the Parthians.
Tac:Hist_5'8; { See Walbank_p473.}
4a ASI << Document: SEG_57.1150, a letter from Eumenes II granting concessions to the town of Apolloniou Charax.
5 EGY {? October} Ptolemy VI is expelled from Egypt by his brother.
* Read Polybius' account
Polyb_39.7'5; Diod_31.18'2; ~[Liv]:Per_46; Trog:Prol_34; { OCD_p; Bennett.}
6 PAL ++ The desolation of the temple at Jerusalem, caused by Antiochus, lasts for three and a half years.
* Read Josephus' account
Joseph:BJ_1'19, '32, 5'394, :AJ_10'271, '275-276; Porph:Fr_58; Malal_207.
7 {25 Kislev -J = December} Purification of the temple at Jerusalem.
* Read 1Maccabees' account
Daniel_7'25, 8'14, 12'6-12; #1Macc_4'36-61; #2Macc_10'1-8; MegTaan_8'1, 8'3, #9'4; Joseph:BJ_1'39-40, :AJ_12'316-326; ChronPasc_464'B; Sulpit_2'22; August:DeCiv_18'45;(↓)  Malal_206, 207; { CAH_8'349=165; OCD_j.}
8 PAL ?? Document: Daniel_, the book of Daniel, according to Porphyrius.
9 ARA ?? Antiochus sends an expedition to explore the Arabian side of the Persian Gulf.
Plin:HN_6'147, '152.
10 SYR ?? A plague at Antioch is stopped, by following the advice of a priest called Leius.
10a ?? Philonides persuades Antiochus to support Epicurean philosophy.
Phld:Phil_44, 45.
11 ?? Antiochus celebrates his "marriage" to the local goddess at Hierapolis, and takes away the temple treasures as his dowry.
11a AEG ?? Document: OGIS_250, a statue of Antiochus, the benefactor of Athens, at Delos.
12 SYR ?? Antiochus IV pays for temples at Antioch and Athens, and many other building projects.
* Read Livy's account
Polyb_26.1'11;'15, '17; Liv_41.20'6-9; Strab_9'396,(1.17)  16'750;(2.4)  Paus_5.12'4; ~GranLic_6; Liban:Or_11'125;B  AmmMarc_22.13'1; Malal_205.
13 ++ General remarks on the quixotic character of Antiochus.
* Read Polybius' account
Polyb_26.1a'1-1'14; Athen_2.45'c, 10.438'd-f<q" PtolEuerg_3>; Diod_29.32'1; Liv_41.20'1-13; ~GranLic_4-5; Aelian:VH_2'41; Porph:Fr_54.
14 PER {month9 -B = Nov./Dec.} Death of Antiochus IV, after an unsuccessful attack on a temple in Elymais; accession of Antiochus V.
* Read 1Maccabees' account
Daniel_8'25; +BabylChron_BM.35603'R14-15; Polyb_31.9'1-4; +1Macc_6'1-17; 2Macc_1'13-17, 9'1-29, 10'9-13; ~[Liv]:Per_46; Joseph:AJ_12'354-361; Appian:Syr_66;(↓)  ~GranLic_6; Porph:Fr_53, 56; +[Euseb]:Chron_253,(↓)  263; +Hieron:Chron_1853; Sulpit_2'22; ExcBarb_46A; { CAH_8'352; Green_439.}
15 ROM ?? A Roman lady called (?) Aemilia wakes up during her own funeral.
16 >> The censor Q.Philippus sets up a sun-dial, and a statue of Concordia.
* Read Cicero's account
Cic:Dom_130; ~Plin:HN_7'214; Censor:DN_23'7; { CAH_8'466; OCD_p.}

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