129 B.C. Olympiad 162.4

Consuls: C. Sempronius C.f. Tuditanus, M'. Aquillius M.f.
Athenian archon: Lyciscus

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1 MES Negotiations between Antiochus and Phraates break down.
2 PER << Phraates releases Demetrius.
* Read Justin's account
Joseph:AJ_13'253; Appian:Syr_68; ~Just_38.10'7; +[Euseb]:Chron_255;(↓)  { CAH_8'372; OCD_d.}
2a PHO << Document: SEG_19.904, a dedication at Ptolemais on behalf of Antiochus VII and Cleopatra.
3 SYR ?? Antiochus is given shelter by a poor family after getting lost while hunting.
4 ?? Antiochus invites his subjects to magnificent feasts.
* Read Athenaeus' account
Athen_5.210'd, 12.540'b-c.
5 MES Antiochus VII is defeated and killed by Phraates.
* Read Justin's account
Athen_10.439'd-e<q" Poseidon_11>; ~Diod_34.16'1-17'1; Joseph:AJ_13'253; Appian:Syr_68; ~Just_38.10'8-10; Aelian:NA_10'34; +[Euseb]:Chron_255-257;(↓↓)  ~Obseq_28; !Hieron:Chron_1889; Oros_5.10'8; Movses_2'2; { CAH_8'372; OCD_a.}
6 Phraates captures the Syrian army, along with Seleucus the son of Antiochus.
* Read Athenaeus' account
Athen_4.153'a-b<q" Poseidon_12>; Just_42.1'4.
7 Phraates punishes the inhabitants of Seleuceia.
8 ROM Scipio speaks in defence of the Italian allies.
* Read Appian's account
~[Liv]:Per_59; +Appian:BCiv_1'19; ~Oros_5.10'9; Schol:Bob_118 { CAH_8'240.}
9 SYR Demetrius is established as king.
* Read Justin's account
Joseph:AJ_13'253; ~Just_38.10'11; Trog:Prol_39; [Euseb]:Chron_257, 263; !Hieron:Chron_1889; ExcBarb_46B; ChronSynt_92; { OCD_d.}
10 ROM Omens, including the doubling of the sun and a weeping statue of Apollo.
* Read Dio's account
+Cic:ND_2'14; DioCass_fr.84'2; +Obseq_28.
11 The dramatic date of Cicero's "De Re Publica".
* Read Cicero's account
+Cic:QFr_3.5'1, +:Rep_1'14, :Amic_14.
12 ?? Scipio dedicated a temple to Virtue.
13 ?? Q.Tubero as tribune rules against Scipio in a procedural dispute concerning the augurs.
14 ?? Scipio sharply criticizes P.Sulpicius Gallus for his effeminacy.
15 ?? Scipio introduces the habit of shaving daily.
16 ++ The philosopher Panaetius is a regular companion of Scipio.
* Read Suda's account
Plut:Mor_814'C-D; Suda_P'184.
17 ++ General comments on the cultured character of Scipio, his ability as a general, and in particular his friendship with Laelius.
* Read Cicero's account
Lucil_254-258; Cic:Mur_66, :DeOr_2'22, :Brut_82-84, :Tusc_2'62; Hor:Sat_2.1'65-75; Vell_1.13'3; ValMax_4.7'7, 8.8'1; Sen:Dial_9.17'4; Frontin:Str_4.3'9, 7'4; Plut:Mor_199'F, 797'D, 806'A; Julian:Or_8.244'C-D.
18 The sudden and unexplained death of Scipio Aemilianus; his political foe Metellus acknowledges his greatness.
* Read Appian's account
Cic:DeOr_2'170, :Mil_16, :Rep_6'12, '14, :Amic_11-12; ~[Liv]:Per_59; +Vell_2.4'5-6; ValMax_4.1'12, 5.3'2; Plin:HN_7'144, 33'141; Plut:CGrac_10'5-6, :Rom_27'5, :Mor_199'F, 202'A; +Appian:BCiv_1'20; DioCass_fr.84'1; [Vict]:VirIll_58'10-11; +Oros_5.10'9-10; Schol:Bob_118 { CAH_9'781; OCD_s.}
19 The dramatic date of Cicero's "De Amicitia".
20 Q.Maximus gives a public banquet in memory of Scipio.
* Read Cicero's account
Cic:Mur_75; ValMax_7.5'1; { CAH_9'685.}
21 CAP << Laodice (? Nysa) murders the sons of Ariarathes.
Just_37.1'3-5; { After the death of Ariarathes V.}
22 ILL Tuditanus is defeated in his first battle against the Iapydes.
23 GRE << The death of Antipater of Tarsus, the head of the Stoic school.
* Read Plutarch's account
Plut:Mar_46'2, :Mor_469'D, :Fr_206; { Green_637.}
24 AS1 Aquillius subdues the remaining rebels.
* Read Florus' account
Sherk_43;B  Flor_1.35'7; Appian:BCiv_1'22; { CAH_8'380; OCD_a.}
25 << The Massilians intercede on behalf of the Phocaeans.
Just_37.1'1; { After the defeat of Aristonicus.}
26 PER A Scythian invasion prevents Phraates from invading Syria.
* Read Justin's account
Diod_34.18'1; Just_42.1'1-2; { CAH_8'372.}
27 ILL Tuditanus defeats the Iapydes.
* Read Livy's account
CIL_1.652; [Liv]:Per_59; Plin:HN_3'129; Appian:Ill_10'
28 PAL Hyrcanus invades the neighbouring parts of Syria.
* Read Josephus' account
MegTaan_9'3; Joseph:BJ_1'62-63, :AJ_13'254-258, 15'254; ChronPasc_445'A; Hieron:Chron_1898; { Immediately after the death of Antiochus VII.}
29 EGY Cleopatra II appeals to Demetrius for help against Ptolemy.
* Read Justin's account
~Just_38.9'1, 39.1'2, 4; { Green_716; Hölbl_p200.}
30 ROM {1 October -R} The triumph of Tuditanus, over the Iapydes.
CIL_1.652; FastTr_p105; { CAH_9'781.}
31 AS1 {Hyperberetaeus -M = Sept./Oct.} Document: Austin_252B  (OGIS_339), a decree of Sestus in honour of Menas.
31a << Document: THI_165, a decision by the youths of Methymna, due to the war in Asia.
32 Document: Austin_250B  (Syll_694), a decree of Elaea or Pergamon recording the city's status as a Roman ally following the war against Aristonicus.
33 GRE ?? Carneades purges his body with "white hellebore".
ValMax_8.7e'5; Gell_17.15'1-3.
34 ?? Carneades has many pupils, including Aeschines, Cleitomachus, Mentor, Metrodorus and Q.Metellus.
* Read Diogenes' account
Phld:Acad_22-24,B  26;B  Cic:DeOr_1'45, 3'68, :Acad_2'16; Plut:Mor_791'A-B; DiogLaert_4'63-64, '66.
35 ++ General comments on the philosophy and diligent character of Carneades.
* Read Diogenes' account
Cic:Acad_2'98, :Fin_2'42, '59, 3'41, :Tusc_5'11, '83-84, '120; ValMax_8.7e'5; DiogLaert_4'62.
36 {November} The death of Carneades son of Epicomus.
* Read Diogenes' account
Apollod:Fr_56; ValMax_8.7e'5; Lucian:Macr_20; Censor:DN_15'3; DiogLaert_4'64-66, '67; Suda_K'400; { OCD_c; Green_607.}
37 EGY {29 Hathur -E = December} Document: SelPap_1.37, recording the sale of holy days at Diospolis Magna.
37a MAC << Document: BD_(2)81,B  a decision of the Thessalian League to send grain to Rome, at the request of Q.Metellus.
37b GRE << Panaetius succeeds Antipater as head of the Stoic school.
Phld:Sto_53, 60.
38 CIS Document: CIL_1.652, recording the exploits of Tuditanus in Illyria.
39 AS1 Document: Sherk_45,B  a decree of the Roman senate concerning the boundaries of the territory of Pergamon.
40 Document: CIL_1.647, a milestone from a road constructed by M'.Aquillius.
41 << Document: CGRN_248, a description of the duties of the priests of the goddess Roma at Miletus.

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