107 B.C. Olympiad 168.2

Consuls: L. Cassius L.f. Longinus, C. Marius C.f.
Athenian archon: Aristarchus

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1 ROM The people assign the command in Numidia to Marius, who begins his preparations.
+Sall:Jug_84'1-86'3; CIL_6.41024; Vell_2.11'2; ValMax_2.3'1; +Plut:Mar_9'1-4; Flor_1.36'13; Gell_16.10'14, '16; Exsuper_7-13; { CAH_9'30; OCD_m.}
2 GAL The Tigurini defeat and kill L.Cassius; the remnants of the Roman army are allowed to escape after surrendering their possessions.
* Read Caesar's account
[Cic]:RhetHer_1'25; +Caes:BGall_1.7'4, 12'5-7, 14'1-2; +[Liv]:Per_65; Appian:Gall_1'8;(20b)  +Oros_5.15'23-24; { CAH_9'24, '93.}
3 NUM ++ General remarks on Metellus' successes in the war against Jugurtha.
4 Marius arrives in Numidia, and captures Capsa.
+Sall:Jug_86'4-91'7; Strab_17'831;(3.12)  +Plut:Mar_10'1; Flor_1.36'13-14; +Oros_5.15'8; { CAH_9'784.}
5 EGY {Sept./Oct.} Cleopatra forces Ptolemy Lathyrus to escape to Cyprus, and Ptolemy Alexander takes over as king.
* Read Pausanias' account
Joseph:AJ_13'328; Paus_1.9'1-2; ~[Euseb]:Chron_163,(↓)  165, 171; !Hieron:Chron_1919; ChronSynt_91; { CAH_9'315; Bennett.}
6 ROM {28 October -R} The triumph of Q.Caepio, from further Spain.
#FastTr_p107; { CAH_9'784; OCD_c.}
7 PAL << {25 Heshvan -J = November} Hyrcanus destroys Samaria.
* Read Josephus' account
MegTaan_3'2, #8'2; Joseph:BJ_1'65-66, ~:AJ_13'280-283; !Hieron:Chron_1898.
8 EGY {28 Phaophi -E = November} Document: SelPap_1.27, a contract for the sale, by Taous and others, of land at Crocodilopolis.
9 CHE ?? Document: BD_48 (Syll_709), a decree of Chersonesus in honour of Diophantus, the general of Mithridates.
10 PON << The occupation of Paphlagonia by Mithridates and Nicomedes - regarded by some as the start of the Mithridatic Wars.
* Read Justin's account
Flor_1.40'2; ~Appian:Mith_62, 112, 118; ~Just_37.1'7, 4'3; Festus:Brev_11'3; Eutrop_6.12'3; August:DeCiv_5'22;(↓)  ~Oros_6.1'30; =hog { CAH_9'141; Green_719=103.}
11 ROM The tribune C.Coelius charges C.Popillius with treason for his part in Cassius' defeat, and passes a law to extend the secret ballot to such cases.
* Read Anon's account
[Cic]:RhetHer_1'25, 4'34; Cic:Leg_3'36;L  ~Oros_5.15'24; { CAH_9'45; OCD_c.}
12 == Granius invites the tribune L.Crassus to a banquet.
* Read Cicero's account
Lucil_595-614; ~Cic:Brut_160-161; { In the year before Caepio's law about juries.}
13 == Omens, including the appearance of a "fire-bird" and an eagle-owl.
+Plin:HN_10'36;L  !Obseq_40.
14 ++ The dissolute lifestyle of L.Sulla, as a young man.
* Read Plutarch's account
ValMax_6.9'6; Plut:Sull_1'2-7, 2'3, '6-8, :Mor_318'C.

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