67 B.C. Olympiad 178.2

Consuls: C. Calpurnius Piso, M'. Acilius M'.f. Glabrio

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1 MES << P.Clodius encourages disaffection in the Roman army stationed at Nisibis.
* Read Plutarch's account
Cic:HarResp_42; ~Plut:Luc_34'1-6; +DioCass_36.14'3-4, 17'2, 37.46'2; { CAH_9'243; OCD_c.}
2 ROM Catilina is appointed to be propraetor in the province of Africa.
Ascon_85,L  92;L  { MRR_2'102.}
3 Acilius is appointed to take over Lucullus' command in Bithynia and Pontus.
* Read Cicero's account
Cic:LegMan_26; Sall:Hist_5'11;L  +DioCass_36.14'4; { CAH_9'332-333; OCD_gabinius.}
4 A.Gabinius passes the Lex Gabinia, which gives Pompeius wide-ranging powers to suppress the pirates.
* Read Dio's account
Cic:LegMan_44, 52-53, 56, 59, 67; CIL_1.2500'14-16; Sall:Hist_5'16-20;L  ~[Liv]:Per_99; ~Vell_2.31'2-32'2; ValMax_8.15'9; Ascon_72;L  Plut:Pomp_25'2-26'4; Flor_1.41'7; ~Appian:Mith_94; +DioCass_36.23'3-37'2; { CAH_9'333-334; OCD_g.}
5 ROM {February/March -R} Document: Cic:Att_1.7-9, three letters of Cicero to Atticus.
6 Pompeius makes thorough preparations for the war against the pirates, assigning each part of the Mediterranean sea to one of his officers.
* Read Appian's account
Cic:LegMan_34-35; Vell_2.32'4; Plut:Luc_37'6, :Pomp_26'5; Flor_1.41'7-10; ~Appian:Mith_94-95'
7 Acilius punishes the praetor L.Lucceius (?), for not standing in his presence.
8 Pompeius' forces clear the sea of pirates, within the space of 40 days.
* Read Plutarch's account
Cic:LegMan_33-34, :Flac_30; Caes:BCiv_3.104'3; ~[Liv]:Per_99; Lucan_2'576-578, 8'256-258; Plut:Pomp_26'6-7; Flor_1.41'11, '15; ~Appian:Mith_95,(↓)  :BCiv_2'1; +DioCass_36.37'3-5; [Vict]:VirIll_77'5; Eutrop_6.12'1; { CAH_9'250b; OCD_p.}
9 The consul Piso tries to obstruct Pompeius' plans, but is forced to give way by the opposition of Gabinius and others.
* Read Plutarch's account
+Plut:Pomp_27'1-3; +DioCass_36.37'2; { CAH_9'335; OCD_piso.}
10 AEG Pompeius proceeds to Cilicia, via Athens and Rhodes, where he listens to a lecture by Poseidonius.
* Read Plutarch's account
Strab_11'492;(1.6)  Plut:Pomp_27'4-7; { Green_642.}
11 ROM {? June -R} Document: Cic:Att_1.10, a letter of Cicero to Atticus.
12 PON Mithridates inflicts a severe defeat on the Roman army in Pontus, commanded by Triarius, at Zela.
* Read Dio's account
Cic:LegMan_25, 45; [Caes]:BAlex_72'2, 73'2; [Liv]:Per_98; Seneca:Contr_7.1'15;L  Plin:HN_6'10; ~Plut:Luc_35'1-2, :Pomp_39'2; ~Appian:Mith_88-89; +DioCass_36.12'1-13'2, 42.48'2; { CAH_9'243; OCD_z.}
13 Clodius leaves Lucullus' army, and joins his brother-in-law Marcius.
* Read Dio's account
Sall:Hist_5'9,L  incert'41;L  +DioCass_36.17'2.
14 CIL Pompeius defeats and subdues the remaining pirates, who had escaped to their bases in Cilicia, and captures over 800 of their ships.
* Read Appian's account
AnthPal_2'398-406; Strab_14'665;(3.3)  Vell_2.32'4; Plin:HN_7'93, '97; Plut:Pomp_28'1-3, 45'2-3; Flor_1.41'12-14; ~Appian:Mith_96; Malal_211; { CAH_9'250; Green_657.}
15 ROM ?? Neologisms uttered by the historian Sisenna in the senate, and during the trial of C.Hirtilius.
* Read Cicero's account
Cic:Brut_259-260; Gell_2.25'9; { OCD_s.}
16 CRE Metellus captures Lappa and Eleutherna, and ruthlessly subjugates the rest of Crete.
* Read Dio's account
Cic:Flac_30; Vell_2.34'1, 38'6; Lucan_3'163; Flor_1.42'4-6; Appian:Sic_6'7;(9)  DioCass_36.17'1, +18'1-19'3; Eutrop_6.11'2; Schol:Bob_96; ~Oros_6.4'2.
17 ++ Plancius, Nasennius, and Flaccus serve under Metellus in Crete and Greece.
* Read Cicero's account
Cic:Flac_6, 63, :Planc_27, 61, :AdBrut_16'2;(1.8)  Schol:Bob_157;L  { MRR_2'102.}
18 MAC M.Cato imposes a strict discipline on himself and his soldiers while serving as military tribune in Macedonia.
Plut:CatMin_9'1-10; { MRR_2'102.}
19 PAL Aristobulus leads a rebellion against his mother Alexandra.
* Read Josephus' account
Joseph:BJ_1'117-118, ~:AJ_13'422-429, 14'5; { Shortly before the death of Alexandra.}
20 ROM {July/August -R} Document: Cic:Att_1.11, a letter of Cicero to Atticus.
21 PON << Lucullus employs a stratagem to prevent the desertion of his Macedonian cavalry.
22 Lucullus returns to Pontus to face Mithridates, but his troops refuse to follow him into battle.
* Read Dio's account
Sall:Hist_5'8-13;L  [Liv]:Per_98; ~Plut:Luc_35'3-6; ~Appian:Mith_90-91; +DioCass_36.14'1-16'3; Eutrop_6.9'2; { CAH_9'244.}
23 ROM The Lex Calpurnia, initially proposed by C.Cornelius, introduces measures to combat bribery at elections.
* Read Dio's account
Cic:Mur_67; +Ascon_69,L  75-76,L (↓)  88;L  +DioCass_36.38'1-40'1; Schol:Bob_78, 166;L  { CAH_9'336; OCD_piso.}
24 Q.Gallius, as aedile, is unable to provide any wild beasts for the games.
Ascon_88;L  { MRR_2'100.}
25 CRE The Cretans attempt to surrender to Pompeius, but Metellus asserts his authority over the island.
* Read Plutarch's account
Cic:LegMan_35, 46; [Liv]:Per_99; Vell_2.34'2, 40'5; ~Plut:Pomp_29'1-7; Flor_1.42'5-6; Appian:Sic_6'6;(9)  +DioCass_36.17a'1, 18'1, 19'3; { CAH_9'250; ~OCD_m.}
26 CAP Mithridates and Tigranes invade Cappadocia, and expel Ariobarzanes again.
* Read Dio's account
Cic:LegMan_12; ~Plut:Luc_35'6; ~Appian:Mith_91; +DioCass_36.17'1-2; { CAH_9'792; OCD_a.}
27 ROM Disorder during the elections for new consuls and praetors at Rome; Cicero is elected praetor.
* Read Cicero's account
Cic:LegMan_2; (?) QCic:Pet_8;(2)  +ValMax_3.8'3; Plut:Cic_9'1; { CAH_9'337.}
28 SYR After being captured and released by pirates, Clodius proceeds to Antioch.
* Read Appian's account
Appian:BCiv_2'23; +DioCass_36.17'3; { CAH_9'259.}
29 PAL ++ Alexandra's autocratic style makes her unpopular with her subjects.
30 The death of Alexandra, queen of the Jews; she appoints her elder son Hyrcanus to succeed her.
* Read Josephus' account
Joseph:BJ_1'119-120, ~:AJ_13'430, !14'4, 15'180; [Euseb]:Chron_129; +Hieron:Chron_1950; Sulpit_2'26; Syncell_355; { CAH_9'291; OCD_hasmoneans.}
31 PON Roman commissioners arrive to organise Pontus into a province, but find the country in chaos.
* Read Plutarch's account
Cic:Att_13.6a'1; ~Plut:Luc_35'6-8, 36'1; DioCass_36.43'2, 46'1.
32 ARM Mithridates invades Armenia Minor, and kills Attidius on a charge of treason.
33 CIL Pompeius settles the remaining pirates at Pompeiopolis (Soli), Mallus, Adana, and Dyme in Achaea.
* Read Plutarch's account
Strab_8'387-388,(7.5)  14'665,(3.3)  '671;(5.8)  Vell_2.32'5-6; Mela_1'71; Lucan_1'346, 2'579; Plut:Pomp_28'4-7, 83'3; Flor_1.41'14; ~Appian:Mith_96; +DioCass_36.37'5-6; Vit:Arat_2'p6.
34 EPI M.Varro is rewarded by Pompeius for his achievements as a commander in the war against the pirates.
Plin:HN_3'101, 7'115, 16'7,L  18'307;L  { CAH_9'702.}
35 THR M.Cato mourns the death of his brother Caepio, at Aenus.
36 ROM Document: Cic:Att_1.3, another letter of Cicero to Atticus.
37 ROM == The senate rejects a proposal of Cornelius, to ban high-interest loans to foreign delegations.
+Ascon_57-58;L  { CAH_9'333.}
38 == Cornelius passes a law which restricts the power of the senate to grant immunity from legal constraints, despite opposition from the tribune Servilius.
* Read Quintilian's account
+Ascon_58-59,L  60-61;L (↓)  Quint_10.5'13; { CAH_9'333; OCD_c.}
39 == Cornelius passes a law which forces praetors to conform to the terms of their edicts.
* Read Dio's account
+Ascon_59;L  +DioCass_36.40'1-2; { CAH_9'335; OCD_c.}
40 == Cornelius proposes various other laws, but they are vetoed by the other tribunes.
40a == Gabinius passes a law, which forbids loans to foreign envoys in Rome.
Cic:Att_5.21'12, 6.2'7; { MRR_2'100.}
41 == L.Roscius passes a law to reserve the front rows of seats at the theatre for the equites.
* Read Plutarch's account
Cic:Mur_40, :Phil_2'44; Hor:Epist_1.1'58; ~[Liv]:Per_99; ~Vell_2.32'3; Ascon_79;L  Plin:HN_7'117, (?) 33'32; Juvenal_3'159, 14'323-324; Plut:Cic_13'2-3; +DioCass_36.42'1; { CAH_9'332; OCD_r.}
42 == C.Caesar marries Pompeia, after the death of Cornelia.
* Read Plutarch's account
~Plut:Caes_5'7; Suet:Caes_6'2; { ~OCD_c.}
43 == M.Lurco is the first person at Rome to fatten and sell peacocks for eating.
43a == Metellus Celer convicts C.Sergius Silus on a charge of attempting to corrupt a Roman lady with an offer of money.
ValMax_6.1'8; { MRR_2'100; or this may possibly refer to Metellus' father in 88 B.C.}
44 << M.Cotta is prosecuted by Carbo, and convicted for looting Heracleia after its capture.
* Read Memnon's account
ValMax_5.4'4; Memn_39'1-40'1; DioCass_36.40'4; { MRR_2'100.}
45 ?? The creation of the Actio Publiciana, a procedure in Roman law.
Justin:Dig_21.2.39'1<q" Julianus>; Gaius:Inst_4'36;L  Justin:Dig_9.4'28<q" Africanus>; Justin:Dig_21.2.66'1<q" Papinian>; Justin:Dig_6.1'73, 44.4.4'2<q" Ulpian>; Justin:Dig_6.2'1-17; { CAH_9'562.}
45a ?? The grammarian Staberius Eros teaches Brutus and Cassius.
46 PEL << Document: Sherk_47f,B  the inscription on the base of a statue of Q.Metellus at Argos.
47 AEG Document: BD_51 (Syll_749 & 751), two inscriptions on the bases of statues of Pompeius, in Delos and Samos.
48 ROM {29 December -R} C.Manilius passes a law which enables freedmen to vote in the same tribe as their former masters.
* Read Dio's account
Ascon_64,L  65;L  #DioCass_36.42'2; { CAH_9'338; OCD_m.}

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