62 B.C. Olympiad 179.3

Consuls: D. Junius M.f. Silanus, L. Licinius L.f. Murena
Athenian archon: Aristaeus

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1 ROM {1 January -R} Caesar attempts to remove Catulus' power to control building work on the Capitol.
* Read Dio's account
#Suet:Caes_15'1; +DioCass_37.44'1-2, 43.14'6; { CAH_9'358.}
2 {3 January -R} Metellus Nepos renews his criticism of Cicero, but the senate protects Cicero from prosecution.
* Read Dio's account
#Cic:Fam_5.2'8; Ascon_64;L  +DioCass_37.42'1-5; { CAH_9'358-359; OCD_M.}
3 << Cato persuades the senate to provide a corn dole, in order to win back the support of the people.
~Plut:CatMin_26'1, :Caes_8'5-7, :Mor_818'D; { CAH_9'359; OCD_c.}
4 {January/February -R} Document: Cic:Fam_5.1-2, letters between Cicero and Metellus Celer.
5 ETR {? February -R} Catilina is defeated and killed by an army under the command of C.Antonius.
* Read Sallust's account
Cic:Sest_12; Sall:Cat_57'1-61'9; [Liv]:Per_103; ValMax_2.8'7; Plut:Cic_22'5; Flor_2.12'12; Appian:BCiv_2'7; +DioCass_37.39'1-40'2; +Obseq_61a; !Cassiod:Chr_693; Schol:Bob_94,L  127;L  { CAH_9'360; OCD_c.}
6 PON << Pompeius' settlement of Rome's eastern provinces and the neighbouring kingdoms.
* Read Appian's account
Strab_6'288,(4.2)  11'499,(2.18)  '512,(8.4)  12'541,(3.1-2)  '547,(3.13)  '556,(3.30)  '558,(3.34)  '560,(3.37)  '561;(3.38)  Plin:HN_6'120; Plut:Pomp_39'4-6; Appian:Syr_50, :Mith_68,(↓)  106, ~114-115'
7 ASI << The beginning of the era of Philadelphia.
8 CAP << Ariobarzanes abdicates as king of Cappadocia, in favour of his son.
* Read Appian's account
ValMax_5.7e'2; Appian:Mith_105;(↓)  { OCD_a.}
8b EXT << After the death of Artoces, Bartom (? Pharnavaz) becomes king of the Iberians.
ChronGeorg_4;(↓)  { Traditional date, according to C.Toumanoff.}
9 ROM Metellus Nepos unsuccessfully proposes to summon Pompeius back to Rome, in order to restore order after Catilina's conspiracy.
* Read Plutarch's account
Plut:CatMin_26'2-28'6, :Cic_23'2-3; +DioCass_37.43'2-4; Schol:Bob_134;L  { CAH_9'359; OCD_m.}
10 Caesar is suspended from his office as praetor, but then reinstated.
Suet:Caes_16'1-2; { CAH_9'360; OCD_c.}
11 Cato dissuades the senate from retaliating against Metellus Nepos.
~Plut:CatMin_29'2-4; { CAH_9'359.}
12 {April -R} Document: Cic:Fam_5.7, a letter from Cicero to Pompeius.
12a Cicero sends another, very long, letter to Pompeius, boasting of his achievements as consul.
Cic:Sull_67, :Planc_85; Schol:Bob_167.
13 ASI Pompeius hands out rewards to his army.
14 ROM The surviving supporters of Catilina are punished; Caesar strongly rejects accusations that he supported the conspiracy.
* Read Suetonius' account
Suet:Caes_17'1-2; +DioCass_37.41'1-4; { CAH_9'360.}
15 Q.Considius spares his debtors, to avoid further unrest.
16 {May -R} Q.Metellus celebrates a triumph over the Cretans, and is given the title "Creticus".
* Read Fasti's account
#FastTr_p108; Flor_1.42'6, 2.13'9; Appian:Sic_6'7;(10)  DioCass_36.17a'1, 19'3; Festus:Brev_7'1; Eutrop_6.11'2, +16'1; { OCD_m.}
17 {8 Pachon -E = May} Document: OGIS_186, recording an act of obeisance to Isis by Callimachus, governor of the Thebaid.
18 ROM ++ The actor Q.Roscius achieves great fame during his long career.
Cic:Leg_1'11;L  ValMax_8.7'7, 10'2; Plin:HN_7'128; Macrob:Sat_3.14'11-12;L  Schol:Bob_178;L  { OCD_r.}
19 Document: Cic:Sull_, Cicero's speech in defence of P.Sulla.
Gell_1.5'2-3, 12.12'1-4; Schol:Bob_77-84;L  { CAH_9'363; OCD_s.}
20 Metellus Nepos leaves Rome and goes to join Pompeius.
* Read Plutarch's account
Plut:CatMin_29'1; +DioCass_37.43'4; { CAH_9'359-360; OCD_m.}
21 AEG ?? Document: Syll_749 & Sherk_75, inscriptions in honour of Pompeius.
21a ?? Document: Syll_755.B-C, inscriptions in honour of Theophanes at Mytilene.
22 Pompeius visits Mytilene, where he honours Theophanes, and Rhodes, where he meets Poseidonius.
* Read Plutarch's account
Cic:Arch_24, :Balb_57, :Tusc_2'61; ValMax_8.14'3; Vell_2.18'3; Plin:HN_7'112; Plut:Pomp_42'7-10; { CAH_9'360.}
23 GRE Pompeius returns via Athens.
* Read Cicero's account
Cic:Flac_20; Plut:Pomp_42'11.
24 Pompeius divorces Mucia.
* Read Plutarch's account
Cic:Att_1.12'3; Ascon_20; Plut:Pomp_42'12-13; DioCass_37.49'3; { CAH_9'361.}
25 ARA Scaurus invades Arabia and attacks Petra.
* Read Josephus' account
Joseph:BJ_1'159, :AJ_14'80-81; { ~CAH_9'262; MRR_2'120.}
26 ROM Pompeius requests a delay in the elections for new consuls, but this is opposed by Cato.
* Read Plutarch's account
Plut:CatMin_30'1-2, :Pomp_44'1; +DioCass_37.44'3.
27 C.Octavius is elected praetor, with more votes than any other candidate.
Vell_2.59'2; { OCD_o.}
28 Demetrius the freedman of Pompeius buys property and gardens at Rome.
29 {November/December -R} Document: Cic:Fam_5.5-6 and 7.23, letters from Cicero to C.Antonius, P.Sestius and M.Fadius Gallus.
30 {December -R} P.Clodius is discovered, disguised as a woman, in the house of Caesar during the rites of the goddess Bona Dea; Caesar divorces his wife.
* Read Plutarch's account
Cic:Att_1.12'3, :HarResp_4, 8, 44; [Liv]:Per_103; Ascon_49,L  52-53;L (↓)  Juvenal_6'336-345; Plut:Cic_28'1-29'1, :Caes_9'1-10'5; Suet:Caes_6'2; Appian:Sic_7,(11)  :BCiv_2'14; +DioCass_37.45'1-2; Schol:Bob_85, 89; { CAH_9'361; OCD_caes.}
31 ITA Pompeius arrives at Brundisium, and dismisses his army.
* Read Plutarch's account
Vell_2.40'2-3; Plut:Pomp_43'1-3; Appian:Mith_116; DioCass_37.20'3-21'1, 41.13'1-2, 52.13'2, 56.39'2; { CAH_9'361; OCD_p.}
32 ROM == Document: Cic:Arch_, Cicero's speech in defence of the poet Archias.
+Schol:Bob_175-179; { OCD_a.}
33 == The construction of the Pons Fabricia, a bridge across the river Tiber.
33a << Cato divorces Atilia, and marries Marcia.
34 == The consuls pass the Lex Licinia Junia, a law to regulate the publication of laws.
Cic:Att_2.9'1, :Sest_135, :Phil_5'8; +Schol:Bob_140.L 
34a == The tribunes Cato and Marius pass a law to define the procedure for granting triumphs.
35 == General remarks on Caesar's year as praetor.
* Read Cicero's account
Cic:Balb_63; Caes:BCiv_3.16'3; Appian:BCiv_2'1; DioCass_41.34'2; { MRR_2'119.}
36 == The Romans decide to maintain a fleet around Italy.
37 NAR Metellus Celer meets some Indian traders in Gaul.
Mela_3'45; Plin:HN_2'170; { MRR_2'121.}
38 BAE P.Vatinius serves under C.Cosconius in Spain.
Cic:Vat_12-13; { MRR_2'122.}

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