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Greek and Roman history 323 - 30 B.C.
This site contains detailed lists of events and sources for the history of the Hellenistic world and the Roman republic. It includes links to online translations of many of the sources, as well as new translations of some works which have not previously been easily available in English. To look at what's available, click on one of the links below.
          Attalus   Fourth century B.C.

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  - a list of events from 324 B.C., arranged by year
Attalus   Third century B.C.     &     Second century B.C.
  - full lists of events, and timelines
Attalus   First century B.C.
  - a list of events up to 30 B.C., arranged by year
Attalus   Translations
  - including Eusebius, Memnon, Polyaenus, etc.
Attalus   Inscriptions and Papyri
  - including a Concordance of Greek Inscriptions
Attalus   Index of Names
  - and a complete List of sources and translations

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