- index of references and the years/events where they occur
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p46313/7|| p46314/15|| p46315/5|| p46316/31
p46319/17|| p46320/20|| p46320/22|| p48301/20
p48301/29|| p48302/10|| p48304/25|| p48305/1
p48305/13|| p48306/26|| p48309/1|| p48312/16
p48312/5|| p50293/18|| p50299/6|| p50299/9
p52272/30|| p52275/29|| p52279/33|| p52280/36
p52283/8|| p54256/5|| p54257/10|| p54263/14
p54263/17|| p54265/25|| p54268/11|| p56246/46
p56249/15|| p56249/16|| p56249/19|| p56252/12
p56253/16|| p58224/15|| p58231/15|| p58231/17
p58236/9|| p60213/21|| p60213/3|| p60215/2
p60215/8|| p60216/27|| p60216/45|| p60216/8
p60217/26|| p62201/1|| p62203/24|| p62204/31
p62205/20|| p62207/22|| p62208/18|| p62208/19
p62209/2|| p62210/23|| p62210/24|| p64179/2
p64180/1|| p64184/2|| p64189/25|| p64193/20
p64199/18|| p66158/9|| p66162/3|| p66163/13
p66169/2|| p66173/10|| p66174/14|| p66176/3
p66176/7|| p68153/6|| p68154/2|| p70136/9
p70142/13|| p70146/8|| p70152/18|| p72108/1
p72108/15|| p72109/18|| p72130/12|| p72130/6
p72131/3|| p7486/51|| p7487/37|| p7487/4
p7487/46|| p7489/53|| p7492/5|| p7497/5
p7649/64|| p7844/22|| p7844/26|| p7845/68
p7848/66|| p8043/92||

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