Epigram on a statue of Actian Apollo

Translated by D.L.Page, "Select Papyri" 3.113.

Master of Actium, sea-fighting lord, memorial of Caesar's deeds and witness of his prosperous labours; whose name is on the lips of Time, for in your honour Caesar calmed the storm of war and the clash of shields, andthere he cut short the sufferings of fair Peace, and came rejoicing to the land of Nile, heavy-laden with the cargo of Law and Order, and Prosperity's abundant riches, like Zeus the god of Freedom; and Nile welcomed his lord with arms of bounty, and his wife {Egypt}, whom with golden arms the river laves, received the shower, apart from stress or strife, that came from her Zeus of Freedom, and truly the very name of war was extinguished. - Hail, Lord of Leucas, one and only noble president at the victorious deeds wrought by Augustus, our Zeus the son of Cronus!

Ἄκτιον ἀμ[φιέπων, ἄνα ν]αύμαχε, Κ(αί)σαρος ἔργων
μνῆμα κ(αὶ) ἐ[ὐτυ]χέων μαρτυρίη καμάτων,
Αῖωνος σ[τό]μασιν βεβοημένε· σοὶ γὰρ Ἄρηος
π[νεύ]μματα καὶ σακέων ἐστόρεσεν πάταγον,
Εἰρήνης μόχθους εὐώπιδος ἔνθα κλαδεύσας
γῆν ἐπὶ Νειλῶτιν νίσε(τ)ο γηθαλέος,
εὐνο[μίης] φόρτοισι καὶ εὐθενίης βαθυπλούτου
βρι[θό]μενος βύζην Ζεὺς ἅτ' ἐλευθέριος,
δωροφόροις δὲ χέρεσσιν ἐδέξατο Νεῖλος ἄνακτα
κ(αὶ) δάμαρ ἡ χρυσέοις πήχεσι λουομένη
ἀπτόλεμον καὶ ἄδηριν ἐλευθερίου Διὸς ὄμβρον
ἀτρεκὲς ἐσβέσθη δ' οὔνομα κ(αὶ) πολέμου·
χαῖρε, μάκαρ Λευκᾶτα, Διὸς [Κρον]ίδαο Σεβαστοῦ
νικ(αί)ων ἔργων ἓν πρυτάνευμα καλόν.

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