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  Zeus   - the king of the gods in Greek religion
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  + Aramazd
109/14a RC_70, a letter from Antiochus concerning Zeus of Baetocaece.
95/3 Antiochus Cyzicenus removes the gold from a statue of Zeus.
82/31 offers a huge sacrifice to Zeus Stratios, to celebrate his victory
58/41b Bagnall_134, statutes of the "synodos" of Zeus Hypsistos.
52/75 The statue of Zeus at Olympia is struck by lightning.
50/55a bulus removes the statues of Zeus and Athene from Antioch and sends
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AnthPal_3.1 hildbirth by the bolt of Zeus, is being led up from Achero
AnthPal_3.7 and Zethus, scions of Zeus, slay this woman Dirce, the
AnthPal_3.11 bed of Danaē, succeeding Zeus in unholy wedlock. The
AnthPal_3.14 to force the bride of Zeus, who now, as you deserved,
Aristeas_15 by different names, such as Zeus or [16] Dis. This name
Athen_02.38 in addition the name of Zeus the Saviour, for the sake
Athen_02.39 I act as cupbearer to Zeus, & And chat to Hera not
Athen_03.98 with the sophists; by Zeus, & They are but thin and hun
Athen_04.130 arted, quite sobered, by Zeus, by the thoughts of, and our
Athen_05.194 emple raised to Olympian Zeus at Athens, and from the stat
Athen_05.202 procession in honour of Zeus and of many other gods; and
Athen_06.239 men invented them; but Zeus himself & Did teach his frie
Athen_06.248 he said, 'By the great Zeus, you have reproved me with
Athen_06.250 you, O Alexander, son of Zeus, who caused this?" [251] And
Athen_06.258 wing manner- & By the Olympian Zeus and by Athene & I am
Athen_06.264 [ Hom:Od_17'322 ] - & Zeus fixed it certain that whatev
Athen_06.269 relish. & Meantime Zeus rains down fragrant wine, & As if
Athen_07.281 had leave given him by Zeus to ask for whatever he wishe
Athen_07.289 he who was nick-named Zeus - a man who gave himself air
Athen_08.338 gus and Logina,- & (A) & Zeus it is who did invite me, giv
Athen_10.412 down before the altar of Zeus, ate a bull, on which accoun
Athen_10.441 on. And, in his Zeus the Mourner, he mentions a certain
Athen_11.463 hile duly honouring the mighty Zeus. & First of the Gods,
Athen_12.522 but they offer sacrifices to Zeus the Thunderer. [24.]
Athen_12.551 Hades? & (B) & Aye, by Zeus, & And plenty; just as there
Athen_12.552 ill. You are, by Zeus, the very & Leanest of sparrows-
Athen_13.557 Garland-sellers - & By Zeus, we are not painted with ver
Athen_13.565 ceium, with sophists, by Zeus! - & Thin, starved philosoph
Athen_13.566 to be the cupbearer of Zeus [ Homer, Il_20'235 ]:- & The
Athen_* 13.570-572 * tunes of Apollo, or of Zeus; & But these play no tune
Athen_13.597 self, whom the decree of Zeus for ever ordains to be the
Athen_13.598 and for Erigone, whom Zeus once gave to Sophocles in
Athen_* 13.601-603 * te, says that it was not Zeus who carried off Ganymedes,
Athen_14.616 mountain was in labour; Zeus & Was greatly frightened:
Athen_* 15.692-696 * Good Deity, some that of Zeus the Saviour, others that of
Callim:Epigr_7 ing of Homer. Dear Zeus, for Creophylus this is a great
Callim:Epigr_53 Ganymedes of the fair locks, O Zeus in heaven, thou too
CIL_1.725 racy, a statue 'Rome' to Zeus of the Capitol and the p
Diod_33.10 For some say that Zeus was brought up amongst them, and
Diod_34.10 dedicated to Aetnaean Zeus throughout the whole island,
Diod_34.28 plunder the temple of Zeus; and he and his accomplices
Diod_37.30 dom. Furthest from Zeus stands the man who has amassed a
Diod_38.7 and the famous temple of Zeus at Olympia; from the last
Diog_Laert_07.28 dignity of demeanour, and, by Zeus, in happiness. For he
Diog_Laert_07.88 ing, being the same with Zeus, who is the regulator and
Diog_Laert_07.135 is called Mind, and Fate, and Zeus, and by many other nam
Diog_Laert_07.147 hon) everything is, and Zeus, inasmuch as he is the cause
Diog_Laert_07.187 he relates the story of Zeus and Hera very indecently,
DionHal:Din_3 um, mounted the altar of Zeus Hercius, which was beneath
Ennius:Ann_409 Yea, the will of Zeus overmastered him, the Trojans too
Euseb]:Chron_17 Belus, which is translated as Zeus in Greek, cut the dark
Euseb]:Chron_19 they call the father of Zeus, while others call him Chron
Euseb]:Chron_53 and thunder to assist Zeus during his battle against
Euseb]:Chron_115 the temple of Olympian Zeus, which stood before in an
Euseb]:Chron_117 olden pillar which is in Zeus' temple; he also went and
Euseb]:Chron_177 the Hebrews. Argus, the son of Zeus and Niobe, for 70 year
Euseb]:Chron_191 in honour of his father Zeus; and next, Heracles the son
Hieron:Chron_1848 set up a statue of Olympian Zeus in the temple. In Sama
Hieron:Chron_1965 [1962 in Ar.] The statue of Zeus at Olympia was struck
THI_100 (c. 200)   g Attalos: I swear by Zeus, Gē, Helios, Poseid
THI_116 (184)   e king's victory to Zeus Genethlios and Athena [Nik
THI_12 (c. 309-305)   soldiers: I swear by Zeus, Earth {Gē}, Sun {H
THI_121 (215/4)   ced in the temples of Zeus Osogo and Zeus Labraundo
THI_129 (late 3rd century)   ull-sized victim to Zeus Soter, establishing an alt
THI_27 (c. 200)   . of encampments   O Zeus, why . . . this dece
THI_29 (c. 240-235)   and the sanctuary of Zeus Labraundos and all others
THI_30 (197-159)   this I dedicate to Zeus Osogo, and the revenues
THI_31 (220)   tomnos the] priest of Zeus Labraundos took from [
THI_33 (220)   on behalf of us to Zeus Osogo and Zeus Labraundos
THI_34 (189-167)   ekatomnos, priest of Zeus Labraundos, was secretary
THI_39 (235/4)   and he sacrificed to Zeus Soter and Athene Soteira
THI_41 (297)   th of Metageitnion to Zeus Soter and Athene Nik
THI_70 (c. 217)   nesses - in defending Zeus and the martial flute of
THI_71 (300-261)   Poikilasion and by Zeus Kretagenes {"born in Crete"
THI_72 (201)   e temple [of Carian Zeus; and he dedicated] bowls a
THI_76 (c. 303)   ues of Apollo son of Zeus and chaste Artemis, in re
THI_87 (306-301)   d sacred drachmas to Zeus Polieus and to Athene Pol
THI_90 (311-306)   y shall make a vow to Zeus Soter, Poseidon Asphalei
THI_91 (240-230)   side the altar of the Zeus Polieus and to place the
THI_93 (291)   the sanctuary of Olympian Zeus. In year 16, the twe
THI_99.K (early 2nd century)   ibed in the temple of Zeus Tallaios and in the temp
Isyll_C hey reverence this law. So may Zeus the far-seeing spare
Isyll_F Phoebus Apollo. 40 Zeus the Father is said to have given
Isyll_G Heracles, which consequently Zeus spared. He came at the
Joseph:AJ_12.22 of Greek, [or life, or Zeus,] because he breathes life
Joseph:AJ_12.261 at all be named the Temple of Zeus Hellenius. If this wer
Joseph:AJ_12.263 be named the Temple of Zeus Hellenius." [264] He also
Joseph:BJ_1.414 not less than that of Zeus at Olympia, which it was mad
Julian:Caes_* 306-313 * esson in his myths." "By Zeus, that is true indeed!" "But
Julian:Caes_* 316-322 * mine the heroes personally and Zeus was of the same mind.
Julian:Caes_* 325-328 * he began: "For my part, Zeus and ye other gods, I shall
Julian:Caes_334 can quote the excuse of Zeus himself when he is rebuking
Julian:Caes_336 of their kindred, until Zeus granted them a respite for
Julian:Mis_* 338-342 * abuse, directed not, by Zeus, against others - how could
Julian:Mis_346 neral festivals, not, by Zeus, the sacred ones at which
Julian:Mis_351 I assure you, by Zeus and the Muses, that while I was
Julian:Mis_354 uld be assigned to me by Zeus this lot in life to which
Julian:Mis_357 of your city instead of Zeus and the god of Daphne and
Julian:Mis_361 ither from the temple of Zeus Casius, thinking that at Dap
Julian:Mis_365 also an usher who, by Zeus and the other gods, is moder
Julian:Mis_366 ow, in the name of Zeus, God of the Market-place and Guard
Just_13.4 of Alexander to the temple of Zeus Ammon. Perdiccas, who
Macedonicus_ lver-bowed Delian son of Zeus & with an eager heart and
Malal_199 asius in order to sacrifice to Zeus Casius. After completi
Malal_200 which he dedicated to Zeus Bottius, and he erected impo
Malal_203 performed a sacrifice to Zeus, and asked where he should
Malal_207 207] into a temple of Olympian Zeus and Athene. He defiled
Malal_212 nother awesome statue of Zeus Ceraunius, which had also
Memn_1 alled himself the son of Zeus, and tinged his face with
Memn_18 the Capitoline temple of Zeus [Jupiter], and the other at
OGIS_26 (278-270)   icated to [Olympian] Zeus by Kallikrates of Samos,
OGIS_27 (278-270)   icated to Olympian Zeus by Kallikrates of Samos,
OGIS_273 (c. 238-227)   s] dedicated this to Zeus and Athene from the [batt
OGIS_280 (229-197)   hos, as a thank-offering to Zeus and Athene. &&r
OGIS_283 (201-198)   os dedicated this to [Zeus] and [Athene] Nikepho
OGIS_298 (c. 183)   los dedicated this to Zeus and Athene Nikephoros fr
OGIS_304 (c. 158-138)   os dedicated this to [Zeus] Soter and [Athene] Nike
OGIS_332 (138-133)   beside the altar of Zeus Soter, 10 so that the stat
OGIS_54 (c. 246)   of Herakles, son of Zeus, on the mother's side of D
OGIS_55 (240)   dedicate an altar to Zeus the Saviour in the most p
OGIS_65 (c. 245)   patros the priests of Zeus dedicated these altars
OGIS_8 (c. 306)   re down the altars to Zeus Philippios, and waged wa
Paean:Delph_1 fair-armed daughters of Zeus the Lord of Thunder; come,
Paean:Delph_2 stood the immortal thoughts of Zeus. And so, from that beg
Philoch_67 bed up onto the altar of Zeus Herceius beneath the olive
Philoch_121 aid to have made the statue of Zeus, which is at Olympia.
Philoch_129 SCHOL.AR.,VESP.210 & "By Zeus, it would have been better
Phlegon:Mir_4 of Hades, & For already Zeus Cronides is angry beholding
Phlegon:Mir_5 perform a sacrifice to Zeus Apotropaios and send a deleg
Phylarch_3 bull in front of the altar of Zeus at Olympia. Book 4 [4]
Plut:Agis_9 daughters of Atlas, who had by Zeus a son named Ammon. Oth
Plut:Arat_50 der pretence of sacrificing to Zeus and visiting the place
Plut:Arat_53 offered by the priest of Zeus the Preserver, and the secon
Plut:Arat_54 eance, however, of Zeus, the patron of hospitality and fri
Plut:Demetr_12 nus, along with those of Zeus and Athene, as they carried
Plut:Demetr_29 tle? Demetrius answered, Zeus and victory, upon which Alex
Plut:Demetr_42 us, kings receive from Zeus, are not machines for taking
Plut:Eum_17 I conjure you by Zeus, the god of armies, and the awful
Plut:Mor_180 saluted as the son of Zeus in the temple of Ammon by
Plut:Mor_191 the physician, surnamed Zeus, inscribed a letter to him
Plut:Mor_839 him near the temple of Zeus, as may be seen from the ins
Plut:Mor_846 nly he built an altar to Zeus the Saviour in the Peiraeus;
Plut:Phoc_37 ssion of horsemen in honour of Zeus. As the cavalcade pass
Polyaen_01.26.1 inst him. "By Zeus," said the king, "I wish
Polyaen_01.30.2 qually obscure oracle: & Zeus will give a wall of wood to
Polyaen_05.1.1 ded to build a temple to Zeus Polieus within their citadel
Polyaen_08.4.1 their laws, the one from Zeus, and the other from Apollo,
Polyaen_08.53.5 erself, he exclaimed: "O Zeus, surely you have formed wome
Porph:Fr_51 lem an image of Olympian Zeus and statues of Antiochus,
Porph:Fr_54 erals set up a statue of Zeus and forced the Jews to offer
PsCallisth_1.4 ewel, Hermes of emerald, Zeus of a caerulean stone, Aphrod
PsCallisth_1.10 showed us the forms of Zeus and of Ammon," Olympias said
PsCallisth_1.19 up to the temple of Olympian Zeus. And the temple servan
PsCallisth_1.28 the crown of Capitolian Zeus, set with pearls, and the
PsCallisth_1.33 claimed it was the shrine of Zeus and Hera. There too
PsCallisth_1.40 swear to you by Zeus, father most high, not to bear mal
PsCallisth_1.42 came Aeacus the son of Zeus, & And then the realm of Pht
PsCallisth_1.46 art? I will make war, by Zeus, not as against a city and
PsCallisth_2.16 his place in the centre like Zeus, dividing the gods of
PsCallisth_2.21 especially divine Sarapis and Zeus. And when you wish in
PsCallisth_2.22 Persia to enthrone you with Zeus and that they do obeis
PsCallisth_3.17 in the city, the one to Zeus, and the other to Rhea ; and
PsCallisth_3.26 I swear by our father Zeus and Hera and Ares and Athena
PsCallisth_* 3.30-34 * these things, said: "O Zeus, grant that I may lead my
RC_5 A horn, inscribed "to Zeus the Saviour", weight 173
RC_66 (135)   editary priesthood of Zeus Sabazios, which is in g
RC_67 (135)   especially towards Zeus Sabazios, whom she brought
SEG_19.504 of Athenodorus sets free, by Zeus, Gaia and Helios
SEG_21.469 (129/8)   oward the gods with [Zeus] Soter; and since Pythian
SEG_23.547 (201/0)   othytai shall pray to Zeus and Helios and the godde
SEG_33.675 (c. 182-179)   l sacrifice to . . . and to Zeus the Greatest . . .
SEG_35.665 (c. 160)   temple of [Olympian] Zeus [(?) in Elis and] the tem
SEG_38.603 (202-197)   macheians: I swear by Zeus, [Gē, Helios, Posei
SEG_39.1284 (213)   sion and sacrifice to Zeus Genethlios for the sa
SEG_43.706 (201-197)   ent place in] the temple [of Zeus Lepsynos]. Attalu
SEG_45.1556 (175-150)   ed in the sanctuary of Zeus [Karios] in Panamara; a
SEG_47.1563 (323-313)   in the sanctuary of Zeus at Labraunda, and the othe
SEG_48.1330 (c. 128-100)   lodge beside mighty Zeus of the Height, who firs
SEG_48.588 (289)   bsp; I swear by Zeus, Gē, Helios, (?) Ares, (?
SEG_54.1353 (209)   ion, in the shrine of Zeus and the in the shrine of
SEG_54.1568 (c. 210-200)   all, in the grove of Zeus, with beautiful trees
SEG_57.1157 (165/4)   that the shrine of Zeus Stratios should be invio
SEG_58.1220 (c. 220)   ssollos in the sanctuary of Zeus [Labraundos]. In h
SEG_59.1406A (281)   next to the altar of Zeus Saviour; appoint forthwit
SEG_59.1406B (c. 280)   eudoun, the priest of Zeus Olympios, made known the
Syll_303 (333-323)   , dedicated this to Olympian Zeus. → inscripti
Syll_310 (323/2)   ced by [the temple of Zeus], and another shall be p
Syll_313 (320/19)   ch the processions of Zeus the Savioour and Dion
Syll_314 (c. 320 +)   stratos was priest of Zeus, these were the victor
Syll_322 333/2 ] Apollo son of Zeus Histiaios son of Eaim
Syll_360 (c. 300-280)   wear by Zeus, Gaia, Helios, the Vi
Syll_366 (c. 292)   h: "I swear by Zeus, Gaia, Helios, Poseidon,
Syll_392 the Romans and their allies to Zeus Naïos. →
Syll_408 (250/49)   ia games in honour of Zeus Soter {the Savioour} and
Syll_429 (after 250)   listis King Hieron Olympian Zeus . . . Strong-mi
Syll_433 (266)   icated] to Olympian Zeus this statue of [Areus] son
Syll_472 (c. 240)   the Messenians: I swear by Zeus of Ithome, Hera . .
Syll_524 (early 3rd cent.)   wear by [Diktaian] Zeus, Poseidon, Athene, Pyt
Syll_589 (190-180)   dedicate a bull to Zeus each year, at the start of
Syll_590 (c. 210-200)   ercourse of Leto and Zeus in this place, and bec
Syll_605 (192)   es] dedicated this to Zeus and [Athene Nikephoros]
Syll_624 (183)   ox [on the day] of Zeus the Saviour; and to crown
Syll_633 (c. 180)   Leto and Athene and Zeus the Saviour; and simil
Syll_635 (182-179)   es care of the temple of Zeus the King shall wear
Syll_644 (c. 172)   ll be theorodokoi of Zeus at Nemea and of Argive H
Syll_650 (168)   Elis] dedicated to Zeus this statue of Gnaeus Oc
Syll_653 (c. 165)   orodokos for Nemean Zeus and Argive Hera the cit
Syll_685 (112/1)   the sanctuary of Diktaian Zeus. They also own and o
Timoth:Pers_196 be a most holy place of Zeus, and hymned the great healin
Vit:Arat_2 ys" began with a hymn to Zeus: Muses of Pieria, who give

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