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  Zenophila   - a girl often mentioned in the epigrams of Meleager
Meleager_5.139 strike from your lyre, Zenophila ; yes, by Pan, passing
Meleager_5.140 aright, invested you, Zenophila, with the sovereignty
Meleager_5.144 already she is in bloom, Zenophila, love's darling, the
Meleager_* 5.149-152 * G-P 32 } & Who pointed Zenophila out to me, my talkative
Meleager_5.171 touches the prattling mouth of Zenophila, the friend of
Meleager_5.174 G-P 36 } & You are asleep, Zenophila, tender flower.
Meleager_5.177 hide from me there in Zenophila's eyes ! [5.178] & {
Meleager_5.178 you shall stay here to keep Zenophila company. [5.179]
Meleager_5.195 three wove a triple crown for Zenophila, a badge of her
Meleager_5.196 & { G-P 40 } & Zenophila's beauty is Love's gift, Cypr

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