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  Viriathus   - leader of Lusitanian resistance to Rome, 2nd century B.C.
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  + Viriatus
148/23 Viriathus becomes the leader of the Lusitanian rebels.
147/8 Viriathus escapes from Vetilius.
147/17 Viriathus defeats Vetilius.
146/21 Viriathus destroys a Roman force of 4000 men under C.Plautius.
146/30 Viriathus defeats the Roman praetor C.Plautius.
145/6 Viriathus defeats some Roman foragers.
145/23 Fabius Aemilianus declines to join battle with Viriathus.
145/24 Laelius defeats Viriathus.
144/1 The wedding of Viriathus.
144/6 Fabius defeats Viriathus, who escapes to a town called Baecor.
143/8 Viriathus defeats Claudius Unimanus.
142/5 in with two new legions, and repels an initial attack by Viriathus
142/8 Viriathus defeats Servilianus; the bravery of Fannius enables the
141/5 Fabius defeats Viriathus, captures several Lusitanian towns, and
140/2 Viriathus defeats the Romans under Fabius near the town of Erisane.
140/3 Treaty between Viriathus and Fabius.
139/1 The senate authorizes renewal of the war against Viriathus.
139/8 Negotiations between Viriathus and Popillius.
139/9 Caepio forces Viriathus to retreat, but his severity makes him unpo
139/15 Stratagems employed by Viriathus against Segobriga, Segovia, and
139/16 the cunning and bravery of Viriathus, and his prolonged resistance
139/17 Viriathus is treacherously assassinated by Audas and others.
138/1 The Romans refuse to reward Viriathus' murderers.
138/2 Tautalus, the successor of Viriathus, surrenders to the Romans
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_84   himself in the war with Viriathus; so for learning, eloqu
Diod_33.1   the Romans; but after Viriathus became their general,
Diod_33.7   At the wedding of Viriathus many gold and silver cups,
Diod_33.19   consul Popilius, when Viriathus requested an interview,
Diod_33.21   that the authority of Viriathus had been weakened by
Diod_33.21a   Caepio. [21a] & Viriathus was buried by the Lusitanians
Just_44.2   great general besides Viriatus, who maintained a strugg
Obseq_22   troubled in battle. Against Viriathus the army fought with
Obseq_23   peaceful after the defeat of Viriathus.
Oros_5.4   14 Viriathus, however, after defeating Roman generals
Oros_5.23   these two generals, just as Viriathus was put to death by
ValMax_6.4.2   two should be sent against Viriathus into Spain, and there happened
ValMax_9.6.4     The slaughter of Viriathus calls for a double

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