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  Vestal   Virgins - priestesses of Vesta at Rome
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278/35 A Vestal Virgin is found to have been seduced, and is put to death.
273/14 The punishment of Sextilia, a Vestal Virgin.
265/24 The punishment of Caparronia, a Vestal Virgin.
236/10 Tuccia, a Vestal Virgin, is put to death for breaking her vows
215/42 Some Vestal virgins are buried alive.
184/16 mus P.Crassus punishes a Vestal Virgin for carelessness in guarding
143/14 with the support of his daughter Claudia, who is a Vestal virgin
114/19 The Vestal virgin Aemilia is found guilty of breaking her vow of
114/20 The Vestal virgin Licinia is acquitted after speeches by L.Crassus
113/4 to head an enquiry into the Vestal Virgins, and condemns Marcia,
73/39 na is accused of defiling a Vestal called Fabia, but he is acquitte
55/43a Plotius of an improper relationship with the Vestal virgin Licinia
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_160   defended the [Vestal] virgin Licinia, when he was only
Cic:Brut_236   but in the trial of the Vestals, he again recovered it
Cic:Rep_2.26   also appointed flamens Salii,and Vestal Virgins, ** and established
Cic:Rep_3.17   her own? Why may a Vestal Virgin have an heir, while
CIL_6.1272   . . .]; led the Vestal [Virgins] to Caere, [when
Ennius:Ann_474   punishment of Minucia, a Vestal virgin : Ennius - since
Hieron:Chron_1752   iance with them. A Vestal Virgin at Rome was condemned for
Hieron:Chron_1781   [1780 in Ar.] A Vestal Virgin at Rome was defiled by
Hieron:Chron_1802   41.2 . [1802] Some Vestal Virgins were buried alive at Rom
Obseq_8   maximus M. Aemilius, a [ Vestal ] Virgin was killed by
Obseq_37   three of the most noble Vestal Virgins paid the penalty for
OGIS_456.B   (c. 20) to the senate and the Vestal virgins and his wife, Julia,
Oros_2.8   the time when Popilia, a Vestal was buried alive at Rome
Oros_3.9   following year Minucia, a Vestal confessed that she had
Oros_4.2   among the Romans, Sextilia, a Vestal upon being found guilty of
Oros_4.5   that time Caparronia, a Vestal upon being convicted of
Oros_5.15   secretly defiled Aemilia, a Vestal Virgin. This same Aemilia
Oros_5.16   the duty of serving the Vestal Virgins and the gods, they
Oros_6.3   committed with Fabia, a Vestal Virgin. His friend Catulus,
Plin:HN_34.25   a statue to a Vestal Vestal's merits I will quote the
Plinius:Ep_4.11   rnelia, the chief of the Vestal Virgins, as he thought to
Plinius:Ep_7.19   ursing Junia, one of the Vestal Virgins, a duty she undert
Schol:Bob_85   ich are performed by the Vestal virgins and the the most
ValMax_1.1.10   the Quirinal flamen and the Vestal Virgins were forced to carry
ValMax_1.1.6   give the lash to a Vestal Virgin, for that one night
ValMax_1.1.7   the handmaid of Aemilia the Vestal, who had let the fire
ValMax_5.4.6   the action of Claudia, the Vestal Virgin, was more forcible and
ValMax_6.1e.3   as a present to the Vestal Virgins, affirming that they would
ValMax_8.1.5   the chastity of Tuccia, a Vestal Virgin who was accused of

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