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  Verres   (C. Verres) - Roman praetor, 74 B.C.
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85/36 The dissolute youth of C.Verres.
84/30 Verres, as quaestor, deserts Carbo and goes over to Sulla with a
80/33 Verres is sent as proquaestor to Dolabella in Cilicia, and loots
79/16 Verres, as proquaestor of Cn.Dolabella, continues to extort money
75/19 ors, aediles and quaestors: Verres is elected to be praetor urbanus
74/11 Verres intervenes in the estates of P.Annius and Minucius, and depr
74/29 Verres intervenes to disinherit A.Trebonius, Q.Opimius, and M.Octav
74/30 Verres seeks to make a fraudulent profit from the restoration of
74/31 Other examples of Verres' improper behaviour as praetor.
73/9 Verres arrives as governor of Sicily, and immediately makes clear
73/10 Verres stops Dion of Halaesa from receiving an inheritance.
73/15 of Syracuse, who has been put in command of some ships by Verres
73/33 wo Syrian princes are robbed by Verres on their way back from Rome
73/34 a escapes from Sicily after Verres attempts to seize his possession
72/22 Verres sends Apollonius of Panormus to prison on a fictitious charg
72/43 Verres extorts contributions of corn from the inhabitants of Herbit
72/49 Verres illegally punishes Roman citizens, accusing some of having
72/56 that the sentence passed by Verres on Sthenius of Thermae is null
72/63 Verres extorts money from Sosippus and Philocrates, brothers from
71/40 Verres subverts the activities of the local censors in Sicily.
71/42 Verres alters the terms of the Lex Hieronica, the traditional law
71/43 Verres increases the corn tax impositions on Agyrium, Herbita, Aces
71/44 Systematic extortion by Verres diminishes corn production in Sicily
71/45 Verres seizes the possessions of many innocent Sicilians, including
71/46 Crimes of Verres relating to statues and other works of art.
71/47 Other activities and misdeeds of Verres, as governor of Sicily
71/48 Verres returns to Rome with a huge amount of booty, after the Sicil
70/1 Metellus overturns many of Verres' decisions, soon after arriving
70/2 lians appeal to Cicero to take on the accusation of Verres at Rome
70/3 rom Q.Caecilius, to be appointed the official prosecutor of Verres
70/4 Verres arranges for a rival prosecutor (? Dasianus) to collect evid
70/5 Cicero goes to Sicily to collect evidence against Verres.
70/15 his evidence at the trial of Verres, who immediately gives up hope
Cicero,- CICERO, Orationes in C.Verrem
    Within translations:
Oros_6.3   the disgraceful praetorship of C. Verres. He also found that she
Plin:HN_34.6   fact it is recorded that Verres, whose conviction Marcus Cicero had
Plin:HN_34.48   he had got out of Verres when on trial; this explains
Plin:HN_36.22   Cupid, with which Cicero taunted Verres, the famous Cupid for the
Plinius:Ep_1.20   example, in the Speech against Verres:- " - some artist.
Plut:Mor_204   to take horse. & Verres had a son that in his youth had
Plut:Mor_205   tion in the law. & Verres sent a golden sphinx as a presen
Schol:Bob_87   in particular, as we know, C.Verres. [88] & There were

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