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  Utica   - a city on the coast of Africa, north-west of Carthage
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307/1 Agathocles captures Utica.
239/21 Utica revolts from Carthage.
237/3 Utica surrenders to the Carthaginians: the end of the Mercenary War
204/18 baeum to Africa, and lands at Pulchri Promunturium, north of Utica
204/28 Scipio besieges Utica.
203/5 s attack the Roman fleet at Utica, while Scipio is occupying Tunis.
149/4 Utica surrenders to Rome.
82/6 rianus, propraetor in Africa, is burnt to death in a riot at Utica
59/45 The Lex Julia improves the welfare of the citizens of Utica.
49/54 Juba, king of Numidia, defeats and kills Curio near Utica.
47/49 Cato fortifies the city of Utica.
46/25 Cato commits suicide at Utica, to avoid being captured by Caesar.
    Within translations:
Athen_14.648   replied: Dionysius of Utica, in the seventh book of his
CIL_1.2513   ext Quintus Numerius. Found at Utica. To 'Quintus Nume
Diod_38.11   drianus, the governor of Utica, was burnt alive by the peo
Euseb]:Chron_117   yans [(?) inhabitants of Utica], who would not pay him the
Exsuper_3   ian town which is called Utica, the soothsayers predicted
Hieron:Chron_1816   iter of comedies died at Utica, after being forced to leav
Just_18.4   youth into Africa, and founded Utica. Meanwhile their kin
Just_18.5   adors from the people of Utica, too, brought them presents
Nepos_22.2   towns, among which were Utica and Hippo, the strongest
Oros_4.18   which were not far from Utica. In the early hours of
Oros_4.22   of the elder Africanus near Utica. 2 There they summoned the
Oros_5.11   adjacent to Carthage and to Utica more than two hundred thousand
Oros_5.19   whom he forcibly removed from Utica where the latter was being
Oros_5.20   but met his death at Utica. The masters of these slaves
Oros_5.21   had made a sortie near Utica. In this battle the Marian
Oros_6.16   4 Cato committed suicide at Utica. Juba paid a man to
Plin:HN_5.24   and on the second bay Utica, which has the rights of
Plin:HN_5.76   sprang the cities of Leptis, Utica and the great rival of
Plin:HN_6.212   Hadrumetum, Clupea, Carthage, Utica, the two Hippos,
Plin:HN_7.113   whereas his great-grandson Cato of Utica brought home one from his
ValMax_3.2.14   No less the monument of Utica was your last breath, mighty
ValMax_9.10.2   harassed the Roman citizens at Utica with a sordid abuse of

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