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  Trasimene   - a lake in central Italy
Wikipedia entry
  + Trasimenus
217/20 Hannibal defeats and kills Flaminius at Lake Trasimene.
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_57   was slain near the lake Trasimenus, became very popular
Just_29.2   beaten by Hannibal at the lake Trasimenus. Not to be dist
Nepos_23.4   Flaminius with his army at Trasumenus and slew him; and not
Oros_4.15   battle took place at Lake Trasimene. There the Roman army had
ValMax_1.6.6   fight with Hannibal at Lake Trasimene, he commanded the standards to
ValMax_3.7e.6   the dire memory of Lake Trasimene, the famous monument of the
ValMax_4.8e.1   had suffered at the Lake Trasimene, sent to Rome three hundred
ValMax_9.12.2   brought of the slaughter at Trasimene; one mother upon meeting her
ValMax_9.11e.4   Scipios in Spain, Lake Trasimene, Cannae, and weapons reeking

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