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  Theodotus   - admiral of Antigonus I, 4th century B.C.
315/27 Polycleitus defeats Theodotus, the admiral of Antigonus, near Aphro

  Theodotus 2   - an officer of Lysimachus, commanding the garrison at Sardis
Polyaen_4.9.4 was entrusted by Lysimachus to Theodotus. Such was the str
Polyaen_6.7.2 to him. And when Theodotus proposed that he should have

  Theodotus 3   - one of the Jews who translated the bible into Greek, 3rd century B.C.
Aristeas_49 ribe Theodosius, Jason, Jesus, Theodotus, John, Jonathan.

  Theodotus 4   - a lover of the courtesan Hippe, 3rd century B.C.
Athen_13.583 san, & Had a lover named Theodotus, a man & Who at the tim

  Theodotus 5   of Aetolia - an Egyptian general, who deserted to Antiochus III
Wikipedia entry
  + Theogus
220/9 Sosibius plots against Theodotus of Aetolia, the Egyptian general
219/26 Theodotus, the governor of Coele Syria, deserts to Antiochus.
    Within translations:
3Macc_1 ed. But a certain Theodotus, determined to carry out the
PHaun_6 αλα& Theodotus the Aetolian [murdered]
Porph:Fr_44 yria, through the treachery of Theodotus . . . He was made
Zenob_4.92 une while bathing. Theogus fatally scalded Magas, the brot

  Theodotus 6   - father of Straton, 2nd century B.C.
Joseph:AJ_14.248 hem, Straton, the son of Theodotus, and Apollonius, the

  Theodotus 7   - Athenian archon, 95 B.C.
95/_ Athenian archon: Theodotus

  Theodotus 8   of Chios - a rhetorician, implicated in the murder of Pompeius
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42/8 rutus (or Cassius) condemns Theodotus to death, for his part in the

  Theodotus   - in documents
AnthPal_7.481 again to her father, " Theodotus, cease to grieve ; mort
Anyte_16.291 eepfold did the shepherd Theodotus set this his gift here
OGIS_36 (213)   announcing the Soteria; by Theodotos, agorastes.
OGIS_55 (240)   nth of Dystros, when Theodotos son of Herakleides
SEG_29.1613 (c. 202-195)   etter to Marsyas; to Theodotos a copy of the letter
SelPap_2.335 (178 or 167)   rom the villagers that Theodotus son of Dositheus,
Syll_307 (333-323)   n, when Gorgos son of Theodotos [was stephanephoros
Syll_312 (321)   Iasos, the sons of Theodotos, have given excellent
Syll_323 (308/7)   priest of Dionysos, Theodotos son of Theodoros,
Syll_399 (278/7)   Euthymos Magnetes : Theodotos of Demetrias, so
Syll_444 (c. 247-240)   os, Timaios, Mnasias, Theodotos Chians: Kleokydes D
Syll_485 (soon after 235/4)   As proposed by Theodotos of Eleusis, son of Demokr
Syll_539 (204)   leas of Pharsalos, Theodotos of Aperantia, Hylaios
Syll_546 (214/3)   as of Aperantia, the son of Theodotos. [The boundar
Syll_669 (166-147)   n Theodotos of Anaktorion, the
Syll_679 (190-140)   egion by Aitolos and Theodotos of Magnesia, and the
Syll_690 (c. 135)   Thebes, the son of Theodotos Citharode :   Tyr
Theodorid_7.527 27] & { G-P 8 } & Theodotus, cause of many tears to your
THI_127 (c. 210)   rty : Thetimos son of Theodotos corn officers for t
THI_150 (163-146)   temidoros, Pyrros and Theodotos] - there shall be p
THI_61.A (c. 188/7)   os Citharists:   Theodotos of Larisa in Thessa
THI_61.D (173-169)   9 B.C. ) When Theodotos son of [Theodotos] son of A
THI_99.N (c. 160/59)   kos son of (?) Theodotos acting as president of [th

Theodotussee Diodotus

Theodotussee Rhodon

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