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  Thebaid   - the area around Thebes, in Upper Egypt
  + Thebais
164/3 aeus suppresses a rebellion in the Thebaid and captures Panonpolis
62/17 act of obeisance to Isis by Callimachus, governor of the Thebaid
39/2 94), a decree in honour of Callimachus, the governor of the Thebaid.
    Within translations:
Euseb]:Chron_153 he says, "The kings of Thebais and the other parts of
Malal_217 this Cleopatra in the Thebaid, where she had been banis
OGIS_132 (130)   and strategos of the Thebaid, for the collectio
OGIS_168 (115)   epistrategos of the Thebaid, [to give us the requis

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